Kevin is using his CodeX 3D printer to create a maquette (or artist’s small model) of his sculpture The Runner. It took 6-1/2 hours to print. This video shows video snapshots of the entire process, shot every two hours. The clips show the piece being printed in red with a series of webs or supports around and within the form, with the height and complexity increasing. The print heads flow, jerk, moan, creak and whine, and the printer even shakes noticeably at times. Finally, after 6-1/2 hours of printing, Kevin takes the tray, with the finished piece still glued to it, out of the 3D printer. He notes that the finished printed piece doesn’t look anything like the sculpture or maquette will look once he removes the supports that were spun by the printer. He points out which sections are part of the sculpture and which are merely supports that he will cut away. He finishes by telling that he’ll show how to remove the piece from the tray in the next how-to video.