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June/July 2007



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A grand opening, some public speaking, two installations, and a rockin’ and rollin’, good-time tool top this edition ….

Art on Boston

Join us for a Gallery Grand Opening
Wednesday, June 6

With a couple of shows under its belt and classes in full swing, Art on Boston, a new gallery in the historic Chandler arts district, is having its grand opening Wednesday, June 6, 5-9 p.m.

You, of course, are most cordially invited.

Guppy, a sculpture by Kevin Caron
Guppy, in the studio before its introduction at AOB’s grand opening

Join Chandler Mayor Boyd Dunn, Chandler Chamber President Becky Jackson, Kevin and many others for the ribbon cutting, which will be held around 5:30. Afterward, there will be refreshments and live music during the evening, which is also part of Chandler’s monthly Art Walk.

The gallery is at 11 W. Boston, in downtown, historic Chandler. For more information, call 480-917-1112. Or just come on by!

In Person …

On Saturday, June 9, Kevin will share his approach to fountains with members of the Greater Phoenix Pond Society, who are also conducting their annual photo contest that day. The meeting starts at 9 a.m. at the home of GPPS President Elizabeth Good. For more information about attending, contact Elizabeth at or 623-388-3590.

In addition to speaking to 350 schoolchildren as part of his artist-in-residence stint at Rancho Santa Fe Elementary, Kevin was pleased to be part of the May 15 dedication for the Bronco Brand Birch, the piece created with the students. “Working with the school was a total joy, from beginning to end,” Kevin says. For the project, each student designed a brand, then each class selected one design for the tree. Kevin created the tree and recreated the brands in steel, using the forge.

For more information about this charming project, visit the special page created for the kids while the project was under way at To see photos of the dedication ceremony, visit


For the second year, Kevin also appeared at Arizona State University, speaking to Jim Veihdeffer’s Design Rhetoric class on the importance of writing for professionals in the visual arts. “Adding good writing to a visual presentation gives you a one-two punch in getting your message out,” Kevin observes.

… And in Print

Watch for Kevin in the July issue of Phoenix magazine. He’s the magazine’s featured artist for the summer. In addition to an article, there will be some great shots of Kevin and his work – photographer Kathy Gross worked overtime on this one!


The Arizona Landscape Contractor Association’s ALCA Influence magazine’s special focus for its July issue is water features and ponds, so guess who was interviewed for the lead article? “I hope my comments are helpful to the magazine’s readers,” says Kevin.

Going Home

Ahwatukee Falls, a fountain by Kevin Caron
Ahwatukee Falls, installed

In addition to the installation of the Bronco Brand Birch at Rancho Santa Fe Elementary, Kevin recently installed Ahwatukee Falls at the home of Roxanne and Al Heiden. Installing the 1-ton fountain, with its nine water spouts, took nearly four hours.

Steelhead, a huge hit wherever it appears, also has found a home at a beautiful place in Paradise Valley, Arizona. “We were struck by Steelhead the first time we saw it,” says owner R.W. Butler. Architecturally, visually and functionally, it fit beautifully in a very special place in our home and collection. To see its spectacular setting, visit Steelhead’s own page at



Kevin has been working on some other wonderful pieces, too – be sure to check out the Web site’s In the Works page at to learn more about Strike, a huge new windchime, and Quenched, a very special functional piece.

For other news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin’s Web site at, which we update often.



So often, people
see something in Kevin’s studio and say – well, you know.
“What’s That?” focuses on a subject that is dear to many peoples’ hearts: tools….

Rocking and Rolling

When creating Steelhead, Kevin knew that one particular tool would add immeasurably to his ability to fashion his pieces. Accordingly, a slip roll has now been added to his studio arsenal.

50' Slip Roll
A slip roll

Whereas last edition’s tool, the bar and rod bender, tackles round stock of various sizes, the slip roll takes on flat stock, such as that used in Steelhead and Guppy. The particular model Kevin now uses can take a piece of metal that is up to 50″ wide and 16 gauge (.06 inch).

And oh, what it can do to it! By adjusting the roll’s three solid steel, smooth cylinders, the roll can create an evenly curved surface or a radius bend, which sends the metal off into a new direction.

“I’m still learning how to get the most out of this new baby,” says Kevin. Creating both Strike and Guppy gave several opportunities to master it. Kevin used the roll on the curved fronts and backs of the two side pieces of Strike, as well as the broader front and back of Guppy.

For more information about slip rolls, check out Google’s search results.

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