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April/May 2007



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A surprise show, another public commission and a tool that takes you ’round the bend are featured in this edition….

Art on Boston

Artists’ Reception this Saturday

When Art on Boston, a new gallery in the historic Chandler arts district, opens this week, Kevin’s work will be among the inaugural pieces on exhibit. “I’m pleased to be included in this premiere,” says Kevin, who will be at the artists’ reception this Saturday, April 14 from 7-9 p.m. The gallery is at 11 W. Boston, Suite 1. And you, of course, are most cordially invited.

To learn more about the show, check out the “New Beginnings” flyer under News Releases on the Media page at

The show runs through May, but this special evening is a one-time event, which is free. “The paint will, we hope, be dry by that evening,” Kevin says, but you are strongly encouraged to call and make sure that the event is going ahead as planned. If it does, you can bet it will be a party! Please RSVP at 480-917-1112.

Steelhead, a sculpture by Kevin Caron
Steelhead, one of the pieces in the Art on Boston show

Steelhead is one of the pieces featured at the show. This free-standing sculpture has bold, contemporary lines and a striking profile. “I’ve been thinking about this piece for a long time,” Kevin says.

04, 0 What a Show

Speaking of shows, Kevin extends a big thank you to the folks at 04, who hosted a great event on March 22.


Despite the daylong rain – a rarity in the Valley of the Sun – it was a wonderful evening, with great New Zealand wines from Arcadia Fine Wines and delicious cheese and fruit from our hosts, 04. Persymphone, one of Kevin’s favorite bells, went home that night with longtime patrons who love sound – no surprise there!


School Days: a New Commission and Some Presentations

Kevin is now hard at work on a new commission for Rancho Santa Fe Elementary School in Avondale, Arizona. The project includes the special brands, designed by the students, (as in “cattle brands”) that are hung from a metal tree.

Enter Kevin’s Union Pacific Pine, which was the perfect starting place for a tree that evokes the days of the Old West. The tree, with its special brands dangling from its branches, will be permanently installed in a special courtyard before school closes in May.

On April 20, Kevin will also make a presentation to 350 Rancho Santa Fe students about the forge, which he’ll be using to create some of the brands. “It’s so wonderful to see the kids’ eyes light up with something like this,” Kevin says. “It brings history to life, making it relevant.”

Kevin will also be showing up at another school in April: Arizona State University. There, he’ll be speaking, as he did last year, to a Design Rhetoric class on the value of writing to a working artist.

For other news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin’s Web site at, which we update often.



So often, people
see something in Kevin’s studio and say – well, you know.
“What’s That?” focuses on a subject that is dear to many peoples’ hearts: tools….

‘Round the Bend

One of the things that Kevin brought with him from his previous studio is a deceptively simple-looking tool called a Compact Bar and Rod Bender.

A Compact Bar and Rod Bender
A compact bar and rod bender

To the uninitiated, this tool looks intriguing, but inexplicable. Its series of five solid metal cylinders in graduated sizes, two rockers, angular chocks, moveable pins and long handle suggest it is something that uses mechanical advantage, but beyond that, it isn’t quite clear what it can do.

Until you see it in action! Kevin not only knew what it was for, but he mastered its nuances quickly while making Tenacity, the railing made of varying sizes of solid steel round stock.

Using the bender, Kevin shaped pieces of straight stock 1/2″ and smaller to take on the organic feel of natural vines. He swapped in and out the cylinders and chocks, twisting and moving the patterned steel rods this way and that to attain the gnarled feeling of an old vine.


“I can’t explain how to use it, but I can show you,” admits Kevin. Once you know how to place the rod, the long handle allows even a lightweight (such as Kevin’s own Lovely Assistant) to easily bend solid steel. Kevin has used the bender for severalother projects, including the decorative sink base you can see on the In the Works page at, since then.

If you’re interested in your own bender, visit Harbor Freight to learn more.


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