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February/March 2007



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A spring show, two new commissions and a recent addition to the studio toolchest are some of the news for this edition.

04, modern condos in the heart of urban Phoenix
O4, modern condos in the heart of urban Phoenix

Great Art, Fine Wine and Thou …

If this sounds like a delectable combination to you, join us for Culture. City Style. on Thursday, March 22, starting at 5:30 p.m. The finale of the Four at 04 event series, the evening features the work of Kevin Caron and a wine-tasting from Arcadia Fine Wine in a decidedly urban setting.

The event is being held at the 04 Sales Center at 201 W. Indian School Rd. in Phoenix, Arizona, where urban living is finally growing up. Come help us celebrate 04’s contribution to the lively downtown scene, with its clean design and international flair. The evening is free and open to the public. Please RSVP at 602-274-6042.

Steelhead, a sculpture by Kevin Caron
Steelhead, before its patina

Kevin will be introducing Steelhead at the show. This free-standing sculpture features bold, contemporary lines in a striking profile. “I’ve been thinking about this piece for a long time,” Kevin says.

Joys of Shows Past

Speaking of shows, Kevin extends a great thank you to everyone who came out for Audubon Arizona’s fantastic Gifts From Nature Show at the historic Cattle Track Arts Compound, December 8 and 9.

The event had an excellent turnout, especially for a first-time show. Visitors appreciated the opportunity to wander about this beautiful Arizona setting, enjoying the art and our wonderful December weather.

Kevin’s work had a great reception from friends old and new, with nine pieces sold. A percentage of all sales benefited Audubon Arizona. Thanks, too, to everyone at Audubon Arizona and Cattle Track for a memorable event!


City of Temple, Texas, Commissions Public Piece

Kevin was pleased to start off 2007 with his second public commission, a fountain for the City of Temple, Texas. Delighted by the fountain Dripping Springs, which graces the Fragrance Garden at the Scottsdale Fairmont Princess Resort, Temple officials are purchasing their own version.

Kevin is already working on the piece, and looks forward to shipping it to Temple within the month. “As special as it is to create work for private gardens, it’s always exciting to know that a piece will be seen and enjoyed by many people,” says Kevin.



Falling for a Fountain

In addition to the piece for Temple, Kevin is at work on another commission, Ahwatukee Falls, for a couple in Ahwatukee, one of the cities in the Valley of the Sun.

The piece features two Autumn Gold stones, which are actually a lovely green dappled with gold and rust, and shot through with white. Copper vines climb up the stones, with the water spilling out of them into a pool formed in the bottom stone. You can get a sneak peek of the piece below in the “What’s That?” section below, and watch the fountain evolve at the Web site in the In the Works section.

For other news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin’s Web site at, which we update often.



So often, people
see something in Kevin’s studio and say – well, you know.
“What’s That?” focuses on a subject that is dear to many peoples’ hearts: tools….

Elegant Elmer

As Kevin begins working on ever larger pieces, his need for ever greater tools to manipulate them increases. Evidence: Elmer, the Gantry Crane.

Elmer Gantry, the Gantry Crane
Elmer Gantry, and friend Kevin Caron

Gantry cranes lift heavy objects by a hoist that is fitted with a trolley that can move horizontally on a rail or beam. You often see them in shipyards, where specialized gantry cranes are used to lift ships. Other types of gantry cranes are used to lift and move machinery, cargo, etc.

After studying cranes appropriate for moving heavy metal and stone, Kevin decided to construct his own. “Not only was it a little more cost-effective,” explains Kevin, “but I also was able to build it to my own specifications.” The result is a 10′ 7″ high, 4′ wide crane that fits under the studio roof as well as up onto Kevin’s trailer for installations.

Wheels make the crane easy to move. Two of the four wheels have brakes so the crane can be locked into place. The bright orange trolleys you see in the photo allow the chain lifts, which actually do the heavy lifting, to be positioned anywhere along the I-beam, whether or not they carry a load.

The chain lifts – which you see Kevin using in the photo – use mechanical advantage to allow even a child to raise a heavy load using the chains that roll through them. Each trolley-and-chain lift can lift at least 1 ton. The stones you see in the photo – part of the piece Ahwatukee Falls – weigh 720 and 1200 pounds, respectively, and Elmer handled them, well, handily.

As for his name, Elmer comes by it honestly. His moniker was that of the main character in the Sinclair Lewis book by the same name. The book shared the life of a man eager to, according to Wikipedia, “reach ever greater heights of social status.”

To buy your own gantry crane, click here.

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