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Intriguing things happen when an artist is inspired by the beauty around him. Audubon Arizona’s Gifts From Nature has at least 18 answers in the form of the artists asked to be part of this December 8th and 9th fundraiser. Kevin was honored to be included in the event, where he’ll offer many pieces that represent his unique take on on our natural world.

The historic Cattle Track Arts Compound Exhibition Hall
The historic Cattle Track Arts Compound
Exhibition Hall

Join Us at A Very Special Place
for a Very Special Purpose

If you’ve never been to Janie Ellis’s historic Cattle Track Art Compound you now have a special opportunity to do just that while supporting a great organization, Audubon Arizona (I’d say you could kill two birds with one stone, but nah ….).

You’ll find the work of artists who will present nature through the lens of their arts, as well as being able to roam through this Arizona historic property. Each artist will be in attendance, and the work will, of course, be available for purchase.

Kevin will be introducing a couple of new pieces at the show, too: the cheery Union Pacific Pine and an unusual new bell, Persymphone, which just doesn’t know when to quit ringing.

Union Pacific Pine: a Sculpture by Kevin Caron
The Union Pacific Pine welcomes garlands and lights

The event starts with a wine reception the evening of Friday, December 8 and opens to the public Saturday, December 9 (yes, that’s this weekend!).

The charm of this arts compound, with its historic architecture and classic desert landscape,includes its history with arts luminaries Philip C. Curtis and Fritz Scholder, who both lived and painted on Cattle Track, and vistors who included Louise Nevelson. The property’s hub is its exhibition space, which adds fresh energy to this arts center.


The Friday evening advance sale and wine reception is $25. For reservations, call Donna at 602-468-6470. On Saturday admission is free and open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You’ll find the arts compound at 6105 N. Cattle Track, which is north of McDonald Dr., opposite Miller Rd., just northeast of Scottsdale Rd. and McDonald. For more information, call Donna at 602-468-6470.



Rust Devil Stirs Up a Sandstorm at CityNorth Groundbreaking

CityNorth groundbreaking preparation
CityNorth groundbreaking preparation, with Rust Devil on left

Rust Devil played a starring role at the November 15 groundbreaking for CityNorth, a 5 million-square-foot, mixed-use environment planned for 144 acres as an urban core and major regional center for Phoenix’s northeast valley.

Event coordinators Paulette Wolf and Erin Johnson of Paulette Wolf Events & Entertainment chose Rust Devil to appear on stage as part of the festivities, which gained it mention in the Scottsdale Republic’s front page story about the event the following day.

“It was gratifying to have Rust Devil play a part in the event,” says Kevin. “Sometimes things come out of the blue, and this was one of those times.”


Kevin Selected as an Artist of the Month

Kevin was pleased to be chosen as an Artist of the Month for October. showcases visual art by artists in many disciplines.


‘Wonders & Wings’ Show Attracts Vistors, Oohs and Aaahs

Kevin’s one-man show “Wonders & Wings,” which benefitted the Valley nonprofit organization Wild At Heart and featured several new pieces, drew between 1,000 and 1,200 people during its two evening events alone.

“As usual, everyone at Pearson & Company was extremely helpful during the evening events and throughout the show,” says Kevin. “It was great fun hearing people comment about pieces like Spiral Eddy and Pandemonious.”

For photos of the event, visit the show page.

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So often, people
see something in Kevin’s arsenal and say – well, you know.
“What’s That?” focuses on a subject that is dear to many peoples’ hearts: tools….

Clamping Down … Elegantly

We sometimes think that all the clever ideas have already been thought of. After discovering the Bessey Super-Quick Welding Clamp Kevin is sure that’s not so.

Bessey Super-Quick Welding Clamp
A Bessey Super-Quick
Welding Clamp

The beauty of this clamp is its simplicity. Most clamps have a lock that holds the jaw that has the screw mechanism in place (C-clamps actually have a fixed jaw that requires you to screw the jaws all the way to the end). Then you need to lock and unlock that jaw to move gross distances.

The Bessey Super-Quick’s jaw with the screw, though, has a sliding arm that lets you simply slide the arm up and down easily. Once the two metal jaws are on each side of the metal, though, the screw is easily tightened in place. “I like to use that sliding arm on top whenever I can,” says Kevin. “That lets gravity bring the arm where I need it so I can tighten it up.”

How does it work? When there’s no tension on the sliding arm, it moves easily and smoothly. When tension is added, though, the sliding arm tips, wedging itself against the fixed part of the clamp to lock it in place.


“This is such a slick design,” Kevin continues. “I love tools that are simple, clean and offer benefits that their earlier, more complex ‘cousins’ may not.”

To learn more about or buy the Bessey Super-Quick Welding Clamp, click here.

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