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Kevin’s show, Wild Dreams, at Pearson & Company in Scottsdale was an unequivocal success, with nine sales. We had tremendous crowds on both of our reception nights, October 13 and 20, and many people were mesmerized by our feathered friends from Wild At Heart, the charitable beneficiary of the show. We extend a special thanks to the wonderful folks at Pearson & Company, who were fantastic hosts, and especially to proprietor Craig Pearson, who donated 10% of all sales both evenings to Wild At Heart. To see photos of the evenings, go to

Shitake Agave

Kevin also introduced a new series at the October 20 show. The Shitake Agaves have been a big hit – in fact, Kevin is making some new pieces in this series as the first group have all sold. The combination of the shapes and the materials, both of which evoke the West, seem to speak to people. To see these pieces, check out, or just contact us at or
call 602-952-8767.

The Sculpture-on-Campus Nov. 13 reception at Pima Community College East Campus in Tucson was also a wonderful event. More than 100 people turned out to see the work of the eight artists, seven of whom spoke about their work during a campus walk from piece to piece. To see photos of the day, visit

As a nice follow-up to the six-page article in the October issue of Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine, the top publication in the Phoenix metropolitan area for beautiful Southwest living, Kevin was pleased to be selected as the Artist of the Month for November in Let’s Go!, garnering afull-page article that you can enjoy at

If you’re wondering what Kevin is working on these days, check out the In the Works section at to get a gander at Vortex, a beautiful swirling fountain commissioned by a North Scottsdale couple.

Keep an eye on the Web site at, which we update often.



What kinds of tools does Kevin use?

If it weren’t for the love of tools, not much work would get done in the world.

The forge

Like many people (especially the male of the species), Kevin has a deep affection for tools. Fortunately, he not only knows how to use them, he knows what he has and where they are. From the time-honored plumb bob he inherited from his 97-year-old friend George Olin to his MIG welder, affectionately known as “Murph,” Kevin has quite an “arsenal,” and he uses everything he has.

He is a bit unusual, however, in that he is not limited to a certain selection of tools. Many artists are fascinated with, say, welding, and pretty much work solely in that realm. Kevin, however, is always willing to find the right implement for the job, regardless of its usual domain. He might reach into his bag of tricks from his foreign car repair experience or his stint maintaining aviation equipment for the Navy, or he might use more traditional sculpting tools. And if he doesn’t have it or understand it, he’ll learn.

For example, when he began Tenacity, the decorative railing, he at first was using the acetylene torch (affectionately known as “Sparky”) to shape the solid steel rod into vines. Realizing there was a better way, Kevin dove into the world of blacksmithing, downloading a nineteenth century book on the art, researching forges, and finally buying one (shown above, right).

You would think such cross-over would be more common, yet most blacksmiths, for instance, do not seem to own welders – in fact, they often will weld in the forge, which is a special art that actually completely joins together two pieces of metal, rather than joining them on the edges, as most modern welding equipment does.

Kevin’s interdisciplinary approach increases the number of tools he has, as well as his range of experience.

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If you’ve been looking for a way to make life more joyful and peaceful, a sculpture, fountain or garden bell might just be the ticket! Besides, you have an “in” – you
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Finally, all of us here at Kevin Caron Studios wish you and yours
the happiest of holidays and a prosperous and peaceful 2006!


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