Creating Tess has led to this sculpture, also inspired by the 4-cube tesseract.

Both are based on the geometric form called a four-cube tesseract, or hypercube, which is a four-dimensional analog of a cube (a tesseract is to the cube as a cube is to a square). Nested and overlapping forms change viewers’ perspectives, literally allowing them to see outside — as well as inside — of the box, or in this case, cube.

The second photo shows the sculpture in the Pima Community College East Campus library, where it went on exhibition in April 2015.

Tesseraction spins 360 degrees.

Private collection, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. Painted steel, 86″ x 48″ x 58″, 2013

This piece has sold. Kevin would be glad to create something for you in the same spirit. Please contact us, or select from currently available sculptures.