“When my wife first saw this from the kitchen, it fit so naturally into our garden that she thought it was a live cactus!”
– Private collector
Glastonbury, Connecticut

A Southwestern plant, ocotillos (“OCK-oh-tee-ohs”) can reach 20 feet in height and have as many as 75 whip-like canes. Each year, bright red, flame-shaped blooms top these “branches” with tiny green leaves among its thorns.

In his renditions of the plant known as Fouquieria splendens, Kevin used steel railroad spikes, which evoke the romance of the building of the railroads to open the West, to convey the grace of this desert plant. (also see Oscillating Ocotillo)

Various sizes and prices available. Top photo and close up by Marianne Skov Jensen

Available, steel, 73″ x 17″ x 18″, 2006

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