A public art commission for the City of Avondale, Arizona, Hands On won Westmarc’s 17th Annual Best of the West Arts & Culture Award for 2009. Westmarc is a coalition of business, education and government leaders.

The sculpture has a steel trunk with a rust patina, similar to that of the Mighty Owl Oak. The roots of the tree form hands that reach down into the earth, honoring those who came before, and the top of trunk are hands reaching into the future of the community.

The tree’s 207 golden leaves were created from outlines of hands of Avondale citizens – young and old, from all walks of life, of all sizes and shapes. As are we all, each hand is unique.

Commission, City of Avondale, Avondale, Arizona. Steel, powder-coated steel, 168″ x 145″ x 146″, 2009

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