In keeping with the angular design of the house it serves (see the second photo), this mailbox echoes the building’s rectangular forms.

Each of three boxes has an imperceptibly domed top to eliminate water or debris puddling on top.

The bottom two boxes raise the functional third box to a comfortable level for mail delivery. The third box features an outgoing slot with a spring-loaded clip for holding waiting mail, and a slot below it for incoming.

The incoming mail drops down into a roomy container, making it unattractive to mail thieves. It is then is retrieved from the back by opening a lock.

The blue metal “awning” of the home’s entrance is echoed in the blue “awning” on the mailbox, which diverts rain from entering the main box.

Boxed Set is powder-coated with the same color and texture as the gates that also grace the house, Peekaboo.

Artist’s Collection, Phoenix, Arizona. Steel, 39″ x 46″ x 22″, 2007

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