Illuminate Art Event poster, Art HQ, Surprise, ArizonaWith just weeks until its Friday, August 12 opening at Art HQ in Surprise, Arizona, the art event “Illuminate” has developed an intriguing enhancement ….

I’ve enjoyed getting to know the other 2 artists, Larry Ortega and Ceri (“Karry”) Jones, better as well as getting enticing glimpses of their art. I haven’t seen their sculptures in person yet, and look forward to seeing the real works soon.

Meanwhile, as you know if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, I’ve been running a lot of filament in my studio.

I’ve been creating some sculptures I’m very excited about, including playful and graceful SuperSize, to towering Hongta, ethereal Glossamer, statuesque Ice Queen (below, right), wild Wormwood Light and Dark, imposing Adzuki and joyful Gumdrop.

Ice Queen, a 3D printed, lighted fine art sculpture - Kevin CaronI use 4 different ways to light these sculptures, which was part of the challenge and pursuit of what I see as possible – and where I take it next. Figuring out the lighting has been a real quest, one I enjoy (most of the time). It will be interesting what sort of reception this show gets, because I often get asked about lighting my translucent sculptures, and they sell well.

Speaking of light, the show itself now features 2 receptions, an opening on Friday, August 12, in regular gallery light, and a second reception on Friday, August 26 in twilight.

I’m really excited about that second reception! I can’t wait to see all of these sculptures glowing ….

“Illuminate” runs from Friday, August 12 – Friday, September 9. Its opening, lighted reception is Friday, August 12, 4 – 7 pm. Its twilight reception is Friday, August 26, 4 – 7 pm.

The beautiful Art HQ gallery is in the city of Surprise civic center plaza: Art HQ, 16126 N Civic Center Plaza, Surprise AZ 85374

Here’s more information about “Illuminate.”