I get some pushback from people about using 3D printing to create art, even though it’s no different than using any other tool – like a paintbrush or a camera.

Sometimes I think it’s because people think it’s easy: “Don’t you just push a button?”

They don’t realize that first I have to create the design in CAD – something that took me many hours to learn and which I continue to learn about. Then you have to master your “tool,” knowing how to adjust the 3D printer’s settings, and understand your materials – not all filament is created equal!

And then there is getting it to print the way you want it to – again, not an easy task.  I’m trying to remember, in fact, if I’ve ever created a 3D print perfectly the first time. Hmmmm …. still thinking ….

Recently, I created a base for a small 3D-printed sculpture I created many years ago but now have added a wicked cool finish on. Here’s a free how-to video about creating that simple base: