When my first 3D printer, a 3D Systems CubeX, apparently died (more on that in a moment), I lost the ability to work in anything but PLA filament.

3D Systems CubeX 3D printer - Kevin Caron

That mattered to me, because I have one design in particular that seems to prefer ABS.

I had tried repeatedly to fix the CubeX, ordering and installing boards, but it became clear that I needed to consider another direction ….

Enter the Cerberus 3D 400. With its “disco lights” and ability to print hot, suddenly I’m shopping for filaments I’d only dreamed about previously.

Enjoy the video below that will tell you more about the 400, and I’m sure future videos will include creations with this 3D printer.


And that CubeX? Steve Graber, the mad scientist behind Cerberus 3D, almost has it running again ….