A visitor to the Sculpture Tucson art show watches a Cerberus 3D 250 3D printer printing - Kevin CaronOK, maybe I went a little overboard in the headline, but I’m still really jazzed at the reception of my 3D-printed sculpture at the recent Sculpture Tucson show in, yes, Tucson, Arizona (is there another Tucson? Hmmm, I’ll have to look that up ….)

The turnout at the show was incredible. Preliminary estimates say that 4,300 people came through in just 2-1/2 days April 6 – 8.

Although the show was outside at Brandi Fenton Park, I had my Cerberus 3D 250 running the whole time. Amazingly enough, it only failed once when the wind got the best of it, but overall, it performed beautifully.

It also fascinated people. A few people who came by knew about 3D printing, but most visitors had never seen a 3D printer running before. That meant I did a lot of education, which is how it usually goes when I have the printer running at an event.

We actually apologized to the artists around us, who had to hear the spiel over and over and over again. The challenge was always explaining it like I’d never said it before, but what I would say seldom varied (“… start in CAD …” “… the filament comes down from here …” “… like a big glue gun …”) ….

Oculum is a patinated 3D printed fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron.Whether it was because I had the 3D printer running or just coincidence, all the sculptures I sold during the show were 3D printed.

Limoncello, Oculum (right) and Hold Me Close all found their forever homes at the show. I also sold a few little sculptures that I had printed during demos.

The little sculptures were purchased by people fascinated by the process, while the larger pieces were snapped up by people who were drawn to the art, so it was an interesting mix.

Selling those particular larger sculptures was especially pleasing to me. Limoncello is made of a luscious translucent yellow PLA. The light illuminated that sculpture and drew people toward it like, yes, moths to a flame. I nearly had 2 patrons fighting over  it, but the second person ended up buying Oculum, a crazy pink ABS print with an antique brass patina and a true favorite of mine. She also purchased Hold Me Close, a clear translucent PLA sculpture and another piece that people rave about. I’m glad they all have homes now.

For me, it was also a great show, both for the sales and for connecting with people who get what I do and are fascinated, as I am, by 3D printing.