Steve Graber, creator of the Gigante 3D printer, gets the print of my sculpture Simple Planes With Aquamarine Stripe (affectionately known as Aqua) going, explaining a little about the printer and how it works, before he leaves and the 3-foot-tall sculpture takes 24 hours to print.

And print it did, FLAWLESSLY. OK, there was one flaw: the stripe , but it adds to the mystery of the piece. Other than that, though, what an amazing experience.

Everything had to go flawlessly for me to be able to submit this sculpture to Shemer Art Center‘s 3D art show “Materialize,” and it did.

Enjoy the video, and see the finished sculpture at the end (well, at the very end, see me in smart aleck mode – again) ….

Here’s the video, for your viewing enjoyment: