Yes, I’m still waiting for the Gigante, the 3D printer that can print something 5 feet tall. (The printer itself will be 8 feet tall.)

But, like most adventures on the bleeding edge, it’s still on its way. At least now we are seeing that it’s taking shape ….

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Steve Graber – who is 6’2″ – standing inside the Gigante frame.

















In the background, you can see a BfB Rapman 3.2 printer, which, Graber says, “was the original printer that started me down the 3D printing rabbit hole.”

Here are some more detail from Steve:

“70v power supply for the Teknic SDSK stepper killers. Smoothie powered. Initially will be set up with an E3D v6 all-metal hotend with .8mm nozzle using 3mm filament through a geared extruder. PLA only (for now).”

Graber says the printer should be done by the end of this week. I’m hoping so, as we have a show submission deadline staring us down ….