A recent Fast Company story about the recreation of Marcel Duchamp’s long-lost chess set poses the idea that 3D printing could allow “the masses” (that’s regular folks) to enjoy otherwise unaffordable art.

While I’m not Marcel Duchamp, I’ve realized this opportunity also applies to my creations.

As my work goes up in price, people who would like to own one of my sculptures are increasingly priced out of doing so. Being able to print versions of my pieces opens up a world of possibilities for both original 3D-printed designs such as Holy Cannoli and reproductions of existing sculptures.

The latter will be coming soon in a line I’m calling Progeny to differentiate the pieces from original sculpture. I’ll be using new materials and colors, but the cost will be affordable so people who’d like to own some of my work can.

I’ll be introducing my Progeny line before the end of the year, so stay tuned ….