As a sculptor, I’ve been using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for many years to create designs for new and commissioned sculptures. CAD is a major source of the .STL files that are fed into 3D printers to create three-dimensional objects.


So when 3D printing became available, I was immediately interested. I started reading about and researching the printers and how they work.


The first 3D printer I actually saw was at the FabTech trade show in Las Vegas in November 2012. It was $10,000. That was still out of reach, but the prices had come down dramatically from the $100,000 and up price tags I had been seeing.


The following year, I purchased his first 3D printer, a Cubify Cubex printer. It can print in three colors and produce something the size of a regulation basketball.

Kevin Caron's Cubex 3D printer

Kevin Caron’s Cubex 3D printer


I didn’t print any basketballs, but I immediately began printing some of my CAD designs in ABS and PLA plastic.


I created maquettes (small models) for my own amusement as well as for commissions. Now people could literally see what their sculpture would look like, and hold it in their hands.


I did a 5-part video series on a sculpture called The Runner, which went on to be featured in his one-man show at the Chandler Center for the Arts in October 2013. You can see it here.


I also created some original sculptures, including one called Holy Cannoli.


Now I’ve ordered a new printer, one that will print a sculpture (or maquette) 5 feet tall and 34″ in diameter.


I’ll be sharing my adventures with 3D printing here, so please join me ….