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January – February 2008



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What’s New?

What’s That?


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Three new commissions – including a large public piece … new pieces featured on the updated site … and a striking new tool are all part of this issue.

The new Chandler Tumbleweed Recreation Center
The new $12.6 million Chandler Tumbleweed Recreation Center

On the Boards

The new year has gotten off to a grand start for Kevin. After completing the “top secret” piece Vignette (more on that in a moment), Kevin received three commissions in January.

One was awarded by the city of Chandler, Arizona, to create a piece for the new $12.6 million Tumbleweed Recreation Center. The Chandler arts committee has selected a location just inside the front entrance for the work. “I’m gratified to create a truly special piece for the center and the people of Chandler,” says Kevin. He’s currently working on some designs, one of which will then be approved by the Chandler arts committee and the Chandler city council before creation.

Kevin Caron's Isadora
Rendering for the kinetic sculpture Isadora

The second commission is a charming piece dubbed Isadora, also known as “the Dancing Lady,” for the Ring family of Scottsdale. Named after the woman whom some call the mother of modern dance, Isadora is a kinetic piece that will be “dressed” in bright powder-coated colors. See the beginnings of Ms. Isadora on the In the Works page.

The third commission is a fountain called RainHarp. Jim and Karen Onken of Phoenix, Arizona, wanted something to make their dining room courtyard more interesting and intimate, and RainHarp fits that bill! Kevin is looking forward to getting started on it soon.

One other commission is already completed, but couldn’t be mentioned until after its new owner learned about it. Friends and family members got together to give someone who has everything a truly special gift for a big birthday. The result is the piece Vignette, which awaits final installation in the Paradise Valley, Arizona, back yard of owner Leah Hoffman once the yard has been renovated.

The Mighty Owl Oak, installed at Litchfield Park Elementary School
The Mighty Owl Oak, installed at Litchfield Park Elementary School

And there’s no forgetting the Mighty Owl Oak, the piece Kevin created with the students of Litchfield Park Elementary School. The tree, with its 1,000 copper leaves, got installed over the winter holiday, and according to Lisa Pavlet, the project coordinator, the students, teachers, staff and parents were entranced when they returned in January. Read more about the reaction on the page dedicated to the Mighty Owl Oak.

Back at the Site …

Speaking of Kevin’s Web site, it has several new pieces on it as well as photos and information about what he’s working on now. New sections for Architectural Details and Nature have been added, too.

It’s all part of a major site overhaul planned for this year that will display information better and make it easier to update the site. That allows Kevin to spend more time in the studio, which is always good! As usual, when the new site is ready, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Sharing Sculpting

Kevin hosted the Arizona Artists Guild Sculpture Group at his studio on the evening of Tuesday, January 29, to talk about what he does and how he does it. “Every artist does some things differently,” observes Kevin. “So it’s helpful for us to share our approaches with each other.” Kevin talked about the piece Möbius, everything from how the commission came about to actually creating the sculpture.

Once again, Kevin and his lovely assistant, Mary, also had the pleasure of speaking to students in the Arizona State University Design Rhetoric course. Instructor Jim Veihdeffer helps his students focus on the presentation side of a creative life. He likes having his students hear from a real, working artist on what life is like and how presentation skills make a difference in it.



So often, people
see something in Kevin’s arsenal and say – well, you know.
“What’s That?” focuses on a subject that is dear to many
peoples’ hearts: tools.

Striking Steel

Once again, the creation of Möbius
(which you can see standing up on the In the Works
) sent Kevin in search of tools that could help him achieve the look he wanted.

A planishing hammer
A planishing hammer

Part of the challenge has been the need to stretch the metal in some areas and shrink it in others. “The slapper, English wheel and various shaping hammers helped me get the gross curves I wanted, but they left marks,” says Kevin.

When he saw that Harbor Freight had a sale on planishing hammers, he quickly decided to give one a try.

This airpowered metalworking tool is used for smoothing sheet metal, but Kevin has also found that it can do some shaping. (Someday he may also invest in an air hammer, a similar yet more robust tool intended for shaping.)

Kevin simply hooks up the hammer to the air compressor for power, and uses the foot pedal to control it.

“I was thrilled with the way the planishing hammer took out the grooves and bumps that the shaping tools had caused,”
Kevin says. “The only real downside is that it is so loud, it could wake the dead.”

To learn more about the planishing hammer, click here.

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