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What’s New?

What’s That?


What Are Your Dreams?



A fun show in an
enchanting location … what grows from a steel acorn …
talking about the real world … and a tool with an
irresistible name (and purpose) – are all part of this special

The historic Cattle Track Arts Compound Exhibition Hall
The historic Cattle Track Arts

Making Tracks

Intriguing things
happen when artists are inspired by the beauty around them.
Audubon Arizona’s Gifts From Nature has at least 23
artists’ perspectives on nature at this show, which is being
held this Saturday, December 8th. Kevin is pleased to be
included in the event, where he’ll offer many pieces that
represent his unique take on on our natural world.

And if you’ve never
been to Janie Ellis’s historic Cattle Track Art
this is a special opportunity to do just that
while supporting a great organization, Audubon

The charm of this
arts compound
, with its historic architecture and classic
desert landscape, includes its history with art luminaries
Philip C. Curtis and Fritz Scholder, who both lived and
painted on Cattle Track, and visitors who included Louise
Nevelson. The property’s hub is its exhibition space, which
adds fresh energy to this arts center.

You’ll find the work
of artists who will present nature through the lens of
their arts
, as well as being able to roam through this
Arizona historic property. Each artist will be in attendance,
and the work will, of course, be available for

Kevin Caron's Oscillating Ocotillo
An Oscillating Ocotillo, one of the pieces making its debut at “Gifts from Nature”

Kevin will be
introducing some new pieces at the show, too, including
some creatures that could be creepy if Kevin’s take on them
wasn’t so cute.

Among other pieces, he’ll be showing his new Oscillating Ocotillo, made of railroad spikes that have gotten in the flow.

The event starts with
a Catered Breakfast, Bird Walk and Private Sale in the morning
of Saturday, December 8 and is open to the public from
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (yes, that’s this weekend!)

The $4 entry donation
for the public show goes entirely to Audubon Arizona,
an organization of which Kevin is proud to be a member. The
special morning event is $25. Please contact Donna at
602-468-6470 for more information.

You’ll find the
arts compound
at 6105 N. Cattle Track, which is north of
McDonald Dr., opposite Miller Rd., just northeast of
Scottsdale Rd. and McDonald. Click here for a map.


A Tree Grows in …
Litchfield Park

The Mighty Owl Oak, a piece for Litchfield Park Elementary School, growing at Kevin Caron Studios
The Mighty Owl Oak, a piece for Litchfield
Park Elementary School, growing at Kevin Caron

The Mighty Owl
, a commission for Litchfield Park Elementary School,
has sprung tall from what must have been a heck of an acorn.

Kevin has been working
more than a month on the trunk of what will become a 9-foot
tall steel tree
, forming the 1-inch solid steel rods that
make up the trunk in the forge. Now, as you can see, he has
begun adding the branches, which will extend as much as 7 feet
to the sides, as well as many secondary branches that will
provide plenty of room to hang the 950 copper leaves the
students are currently decorating.

Each major branch is
bolted into the trunk. They’ll be unbolted for transport to
the school, which is 25 miles west of Kevin’s studio, then
bolted back on and permanently secured. Kevin will then add
each leaf. “I hear the kids are really excited – they already
want to know where to find their leaves,” Kevin says.


See the latest
progress on the Mighty Owl Oak on the In the Works
, and the school’s special
page for MOO
, as it’s affectionately known.


Strike Hits the

Illinois couple struck by Kevin Caron's Strike
Illinois couple
struck by Strike

Another of Kevin’s
pieces has traveled quite a way to find its home. Recently,
owners of a private collection in Barrington Hills, Illinois,
outside of Chicago, were visiting Scottsdale. When they
wandered into Pearson & Company on Main Street, they were
struck by how right Strike was
for them.


“We have been looking
for a number of years for the ‘right’ lawn ornament, and
finally found it in the west,” explains Strike’s new owner.
“The piece has found a very good home, and it will be seen in
acres of beauty all around.”


Kevin’s work can be
found from New York to New Orleans to San Antonio to Oregon,
and many locations in between.


For more frequent
news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin’s Web site at, which
we update often.



So often, people
see something in Kevin’s arsenal and say – well, you know.
“What’s That?” focuses on a subject that is dear to many
peoples’ hearts: tools.

If the Three
Stooges Made Tools …

As Kevin began working
on Möbius
(which you can see standing up on the In the Works
), he realized that he needed – YES! – more tools.

One of them was a
special implement called – we are not making this up – a
slapper. In particular, he is using what is called a
curved slapper.

The slapper is made of
hard wood covered on one side in leather. It is used to
stretch metal smoothly, often as part of automotive or
aircraft work. This is another case where Kevin’s willingness
to adopt a tool for a new use has come in handy.

A hardwood slapper
A hardwood

The piece of metal you
want to stretch and shape is usually placed on a shot bag,
which is simply a leather bag filled with buckshot or silica
sand. Kevin then takes the slapper and, well, wallops the
metal – in an artistic sort of way, of course.

“I could never have
gotten the metal to flow the way I needed without this tool,”
Kevin asserts. “I’ve had to work with it to achieve the look I
want, but it’s been indispensable.”

To learn more about slappers,
click here
. You’ll find shot bags here.

If you’d like to
know more about a specific tool, let us know – we might have
an answer. Email us at



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and a Fantastic 2008!


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