Satin She, a large-scale, lighted 3D printed fine art sculpture - Kevin CaronThere are thousands of art shows held annually, even in 2020 when many of them have migrated online. That being said, my sculptures have been included in a couple of in-person art exhibitions this crazy year, although more have moved online, rescheduled or cancelled.

As appreciative as I am of the online options, art is usually best seen in person, especially sculpture like mine with its 360 degree varying views.

Everyone hopes 2021 will be a better year, and for me that includes having more in-person art shows. That’s why I just submitted to the art show “Luminosity” at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

The title of the art show is what caught my eye immediately because of its title – I’m in the process of reorganizing my sculpture categories, and the one that includes my lighted 3D-printed sculpture will be titled “Luminous.”

Solar Flare, a lighted large format 3D printed fine art sculpture - Kevin CaronToo, my desire to display some of these lighted sculptures has been hampered by COVID, and this seems like a great way to get them seen, especially on the East Coast. Another connection: I usually spend a couple of weeks in the summer in Cape Cod, a trip sorely missed in 2020.

So this morning I submitted 2 sculptures, Satin She (above, right) and Solar Flare (left). Both are lighted and controlled by remote switches.

You never know with juried art shows. Sometimes a piece that seems absolutely perfect for a stated theme doesn’t seem so perfect to the judges, while artworks they pick instead seem puzzling. So it’s no slam dunk, even though these sculptures seem entirely appropriate for an art exhibition that celebrates light. I’ll know on January 8, 2021, whether either has been accepted.

Seeing as it’s a fresh new year offering promise of success, I have my fingers crossed (in a good way).