My first 3D printer was a 3D Systems CubeX. I found out about it through the company that makes Alibre, the CAD software I use most often. I figured, “If they recommend this machine, it must work well with Alibre.”

3D Systems Cubex 3D printer

It took several months to get the machine, and I jumped right into using it. Although it could supposedly print in three colors, I never mastered that. I did, though, get a lot of use out of the CubeX, especially using ABS filament ….

Even my Cerberus 3D Gigante couldn’t print in ABS, and there are certain designs that seem to prefer ABS over PLA, which is what I usually print in.

I hated to give up the ability to print ABS and other filaments that required more heat, so I called Steve Graber, the genius behind Cerberus 3D.

Cerberus 3D 400 3D printer - Kevin Caron
Cerberus 3D 400 3D printer

Not only did he offer to look at the CubeX – which he has now fixed – Steve had another printer that can print, well, almost anything. His Cerberus 3D 400 3D printer can handle ABS as well as PETG – which offers improved layer adhesion, resists warping, reduces shrinkage and higher density – and other filaments.

I jumped right in with some PETG, and I am really impressed with the quality of the print (below), especially considering the complexity of the sculpture.

The Lace Tower sculpture, printed in PETG filament on the Cerberus 3D 400 3D printer - Kevin Caron
Sculpture, printed in PETG on my Cerberus 3D 400 3D printer.

I’m still learning a lot about the printer, but I’m really liking the added lighting, which helps me see what’s going on without having to aim lights on the printer, and the print quality is a knockout.

With the CubeX fixed, I’ll have it available for sale soon – let me know if you’re interested in a lot of machine for a little money.

I’ll be doing a whole blog post on the 400 soon, but this sure feels like a changing of the guard ….