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MUSeINGS: News from Artist Kevin Caron




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Artist Kevin Caron inspecting his large truncated octahedron
Kevin inspecting his large truncated octahedron shortly after assembling it

With two big events and more coming up, the year is getting off to a great start ….

Let’s go ….

Kevin’s sculpture Skeletorus, a three-dimensional, single-sided sculpture, will be sold at the 2013 Contemporary Forum live art auction. The auction raises money to buy contemporary artwork for the museum. Contemporary Forum is a 30-year-old special interest group of the museum.
Skeletorus, a fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron
“It’s amazing to see my work displayed at the museum,” Kevin admits.

At last year’s auction, Kevin’s sculpture Torrent sold well above its price range. “It was fun to see several people fighting over it,” Kevin recalls. “At the end, I was so excited I jumped up out of my seat.”

For more information about attending the auction or to see the work that will be sold there, visit the Contemporary Forum Web site.

Two big events in one week in mid-January started off the year well. On Thursday, January 17, the opening reception for the show Paper   Metal   Resin at the University Club of Phoenix was a resounding success. More than 150 people filled the club with laughter and chatter. That night, each artist sold work, including Kevin’s sculpture SquareDance (below); it was a good way to kick off the show.SquareDance, a contemporary sculpture by Kevin Caron

The closing reception will be held Friday, March 15 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. – we look forward to seeing you there! If you missed the opening, you won’t want to miss this event. Please let us know you are coming so that we may have enough refreshments for everyone. Just reply to this email or call us at 602-952-8767.


The day before that opening reception, a group from the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art visited Kevin’s house and studio. At his home, architect Kristine Woolsey shared her thought process about renovating the space to reflect Kevin’s lifestyle as well as behavioral architecture itself. After lunch, the group headed to the studio, where participants learned more about Kevin’s process and work. “We enjoyed having this group – they asked such great questions!” says Kevin.

The Yuma Arts Center, Yuma, ArizonaKevin and multimedia artist Annie Waters will exhibit their sculpture and drawings, respectively, at the Yuma Fine Arts Center in the show The Organic Edge. The show runs Wednesday, February 20 through Tuesday, April 30. The reception is Friday, March 8. The arts center is owned by the city of Yuma.

The show runs concurrently with two important events in Yuma, the Yuma Art Symposium and Lettuce Days, a celebration of the importance of agriculture in the area. Twenty-five-thousand people attended Lettuce Days last year.

“Yuma has a beautiful facility, and the city is committed to art as a community builder,” Kevin says. For more information about the show, please visit the Events page, where you can always find out where Kevin and his work will be appearing.


A large truncated octahedron sculpture by artist Kevin CaronWith Bug Man completed, Kevin has turned his full attention to the large truncated octahedron (left). He has now created the main structure, which is 30″ in diameter. “There’s still a lot of welding to do, though,” Kevin says. Next will come a base and a patina. Watch this sculpture develop on its own page.

Kevin has also been working on two piecethat are part of what he’s calling his “Gordian accordion series,” which started with Sprung, and continued with Square Up and now includes two new pieces, CounterSprung and CounterSink.

“I did the initial prep work on these two sculptures at the same time – they start out virtually the same way,” Kevin explains. “It took me a while, though, to find their shapes. When I did, they came together rapidly.” See CounterSprung, which is completed in a surprising finish, and CounterSink, which is currently at the powder-coater, on their respective pages.CounterSprung, a contemporary art sculpture by Kevin Caron

NanoKnot, Kevin’s smallest version of the trefoil knot at 2-1/2″ square, is nearly completed. “Working this small is foreign to me, but the precision required to create the form still fascinates,” Kevin says.

Next on the agenda is a large sculpture in the spirit of Cosmos. “Sometimes while creating one sculpture I conceive another version of it – the next generation, if you will,” Kevin says. “This next version will take the concept to another level.” Once Kevin gets started, the sculpture will have its own page on the Web site.

Keep an eye on what Kevin is working on in the Works in Progress section of the Web site – we update it often.

Channel Kevin - Videos from Artist Kevin CaronLATEST VIDEOS
When Kevin posted his first video back in March 2008, it would have been difficult to imagine that today his nearly 240 videos would have 3 million views, but that’s where we are now.
“It’s been a heck of a ride so far,” Kevin says. He films videos each week, often responding to viewers’ questions or covering issues that come up as he creates his sculptures. “The machines and processes I use to make my work are more than tools – they influence the forms I create,” he explains. “So these videos often explain as much about my sculptures as about the creation of them.”

Enjoy these latest videos:



A sound, water, site-specific or free-standing sculpture adds immeasurable joy and peace to your home or workplace.

If you’d like Kevin to create a special something for you or a friend, just email or call 602-952-8767 to arrange for a private complimentary consultation. Kevin may also have a perfect sculpture in stock. Or contact us if you would simply like to visit Kevin’s studio – he would enjoy giving you a personal tour.


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