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MUSeINGS: News from Artist Kevin Caron




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Artist Kevin Caron with the octahedron shortly after he finished welding it
Kevin shares a well-earned grin shortly after he finished welding together the octahedron

At this time of year, I have much for which I’m grateful. Thanks to YOU for being a part of my world. This Thanksgiving season, I wish the very best for you and yours.
Kevin Caron signature

Let’s go ….


The reception for Pima Community College East Campus’s Sculpture-on-Campus program drew about 80 participants who enjoyed talks by PCCEC President Charlotte Fugett and project leader Michael Stack.

Everyone then toured the campus to see the sculptures and hear the artists speak. The tour concluded with a visit to Kevin’s sculpture Wherever You Go, There You Are.



Wherever You Go, There You Are, a contemporary sculpture by artist Kevin CaronThe reception also attracted the attention of the media. “Apparently there were three TV news reports filmed in front of Wherever You Go,” Kevin says.

“I was really gratified by the response to the sculpture by reception attendees and the college administration and students,” he continues.

The sculpture will remain on campus as part of the exhibition for one year and then will be available for purchase. See photos of the finished sculpture on its own page.


Spark, a movie from Mindclover ProductionsOn a balmy October weekend, a camera crew from Mindclover Productions took over Kevin’s studio to film a movie about a sculptor who has a favorite sculpture stolen. “The subject was a little close to home,” admitted Kevin, who has had two sculptures stolen.

“We couldn’t have filmed in a better location,” says director Diane M. Dresback. The seven-minute short, “Spark,” was submitted to the IFP Masterpiece Challenge.

Kevin was able to provide technical assistance to make the actions of male lead Kane Black as realistic as possible, and viewers can see many of Kevin’s sculptures in the film. The movie was screened Tuesday, November 13 at the Phoenix Art Museum.

To see the movie trailer – which prominently features some of Kevin’s work – and a larger version of the movie poster (above, left), visit http://mindclover.com/Trailer%20and%20Promo%20Pages/Spark.html


There’s more information about all of the events below on the Web site’s Events page….

  • January 8 (Tuesday) – March 29 (Friday), Phoenix, Arizona – Kevin is participating in Metal   Paper   Resin in downtown Phoenix (this show was previously scheduled for November – January). Featuring Kevin’s sculpture as well as the original prints of Sarah Kriehn and the mixed media photography of Linda Ingraham, the show will be held at the University Club. The opening reception is Thursday, January 17 and the closing reception is Friday, March 15. Both receptions are free and open to the public.
  • January 16 (Wednesday), Phoenix, Arizona – Participants in the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary ArtScottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Artists Studio tour will visit Kevin’s studio and home.
  • February 20 (Wednesday) – April 30 (Tuesday), Yuma, Arizona – Kevin and multimedia artist Annie Waters will exhibit their sculpture and drawings, respectively, at the Yuma Fine Arts Center in the show The Organic Edge. The reception is Friday, March 8.
  • March 13 (Wednesday), Phoenix, Arizona – Members of the Arizona 5 Arts Circle tour Kevin’s studio.

Mark your calendar now – these events will be here before you know it. Learn about these events on the Web site’s Events page.

PROJECTS UNDER WAY IN THE STUDIOBig Bang, a contemporary sculpture by Kevin Caron

Big Bang has certainly been fulfilling the promise of its name. “People have reacted strongly to it,” Kevin says. Its nickel-plated finish has attracted a lot of attention, as has its dynamic form. “People see so many different things in this sculpture,” he continues.

Kevin also has completed two commissions, a “super Shitake Agave” for a railroad owner in Alabama, and Fire Mirror, an architectural sculpture for a couple in Arkansas. “Both patrons seem quite pleased,” Kevin says. “I enjoy the challenge of bringing together the people, places and purpose in commissions – they’re just another kind of creativity.”

Meanwhile, Kevin continues working on a series of sculptures based on the Knot Me, a contemporary sculpture by Phoenix artist Kevin Carongeometric form the trefoil knot. Knot Me, a midsized sculpture based on the never-ending knot, now also has its antiqued copper patina. “This sculpture’s finish is something new,” Kevin observes, “but I’m enjoying getting more color and texture into my finishes.” Knot Me’s stippled surface contrasts subtly with its controlled form.

Kevin also has nearly completed his smallest version yet of the trefoil knot. He has carved MillKnot out of a solid block of aluminum on his mill. See it here. Kevin is fabricating another, more complex interpretation in aluminum square tubing. “This form fascinates me,” he says.


Channel Kevin - Videos from Artist Kevin CaronLATEST VIDEOS

Every week, Kevin adds another video to Channel Kevin, which appears simultaneously on YouTube and on Kevin’s own site. His YouTube channel’s more than 3,800 subscribers have viewed his videos more than 2.6 million times. Four videos have more than 100,000 views and 46 have more than 10,000 views.

His collection of 225 videos primarily focuses on how Kevin does his work, which is, in his case, about more than just tools. “My work is informed by the proportions and mechanics of the equipment,” he explains.

Here are Kevin’s latest videos, including the final two in the series “How to Create a Sculpture,” in which Kevin delivers and installs the sculpture Wherever You Go, There You Are:



A sound, water, site-specific or free-standing sculpture adds immeasurable joy and peace to your home or workplace.

If you’d like Kevin to create a special something for you or a friend, just email info@kevincaron.com or call 602-952-8767 to arrange for a private complimentary consultation. Kevin may also have a perfect sculpture in stock. Or contact us if you would simply like to visit Kevin’s studio – he would enjoy giving you a personal tour.


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“Inspired sculpture for public & private spaces”


For more frequent news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin’s Web site at www.kevincaron.com – we update often.

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