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MUSeINGS: News from Artist Kevin Caron
JULY 2012


Artist Kevin Caron ready to ride
Ready to ride

Here’s what’s happening:







Let’s go ….



In early June, Kevin installed a second sculpture for the city of Chandler, Arizona. C-note now stands in Chandler’s downtown at the corner of Arizona Avenue and Buffalo.

C-note, a public art sculpture by sculptor Kevin Caron
C-note, installed at Arizona and Buffalo in Chandler, Arizona

“Chandler’s municipal arts committee members had great vision with this sound sculpture,” Kevin says.

“They and the city’s coordinator, Eric Faulhaber, have been a great pleasure to work with. I’m so pleased to have two sculptures in Chandler’s collection.”

C-note is a sound sculpture that derives its tones from strikers that hang beneath the surface that provides its sound. “I wanted to take a totally different approach to achieving the sound,” Kevin explains.


Meanwhile, The Seed‘s official photo of it in its glorious green is now on the Web site – it is DEFINITELY worth a click: check it out here.



Railwort, a fine art sculpture by Phoenix sculptor Kevin Caron
Railwort, a fine art sculpture

Participating in shows, especially those that are held out of town, can be costly for artists, especially sculptors. “The shipping alone can add up to hundreds of dollars,” Kevin explains.

Nonetheless, Kevin was pleased to participate in “Appearances,” an exhibition in Provincetown, Massachusetts, a historic town renowned for its galleries and place in art history.

When the show ended, however, its organizers discovered that the sculpture Kevin had in the show, Railwort, was missing. Despite a townwide effort and the work of a police detective, the sculpture still has not been recovered. “I can only hope someone stole it because they loved it,” Kevin says.

“Whatever prompted the theft, I am now rethinking when and where to do shows in the future,” Kevin says.



In late June, Kevin headed across the country from Arizona to Cape Cod on his motorcycle. “Riding helps me clear my mind and gives me a chance to think about sculptures I’m working on and others just germinating in my mind.”

After arriving, he was able to meet with the organizers of the “Appearances” show in Provincetown as well as to visit the “scene of the crime.” He also visited with friends and patrons along the way. “This sort of trip renews my soul,” Kevin says.



An untitled fine art free-standing sculpture by Phoenix sculptor Kevin Caron
This spike sculpture continues to grow

Despite temperatures regularly over 100 degrees, Kevin continues to work on several sculptures in the studio.

Wherever You Go, There You Are is progressing nicely. Kevin has only 26 panels to apply. Then the sculpture will be ready for its patina before installation in October.


Meanwhile, the as-yet-untitled spike sculpture continues to grow. “This one has a mind of its own,” Kevin says. See it in its current state on the Web site.


The sculpture Big Bang is moving along slowly. “I can see what I want this sculpture to be, and I’m working now on coaxing it to comply,” Kevin says. “I’m always open to it speaking to me about its form, too,”


Also under way is a sculpture inspired by Sprung. Quattro has not yet found its flowing shape, but that is the next step with the larger version of this endless form.



There’s more information about all of the events below on the Web site’s events page….

The 2012 Annual Juried Art Competition is currently under way at the South Arkansas Art Center in El Dorado, Arkansas. Juror Manuela Well-Off-Man, Ph.D., an assistant curator at the renowned Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, chose Cyclone for the show, which runs through July 31.


Next up is ArtPrize, an annual exhibition that has attracted more than 1 million art lovers in its first three years. Kevin’s sculpture Skeletorus will be shown at the Ledyard Building in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Wednesday, September 19th through Sunday, October 7th.


Wherever You Go, There You Are, a fine art sculpture by Phoenix sculptor Kevin Caron
Wherever You Go, with 26 panels (and patina) to go

On October 10, Kevin will be at Pima Community College East Campus for the unveiling of Wherever You Go, There You Are, which he has been working on for six months.


Kevin also is participating in Metal   Paper   Resin in downtown Phoenix. Featuring Kevin’s sculpture as well as the original prints of Sarah Kriehn and the mixed media photography of Linda Ingraham, the show will be held Monday, November 19 to Friday, January 18 at the University Club. The opening reception is Thursday, November 29, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.


On the horizon for next year is the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Artists Studio tour. Participants will tour Kevin’s studio and home on Wednesday, January 16.


Mark your calendar now – these events will be here before you know it. Learn about these events on the Web site’s Events page.


Channel Kevin - videos by Kevin Caron


Mixing it Up on Channel Kevin

Kevin now has more than 200 videos on his YouTube channel and his own site at ChannelKevin.com. “It’s quite a collection,” Kevin admits.

Now, here are the latest videos, including the one of the installation of the public art sculpture The Seed:








You can see all of Kevin’s videos – which are organized into categories – in his Web site’s Video section, which links directly to his YouTube channel.



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