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MUSeINGS: News from Artist Kevin Caron
APRIL 2012


Artist Kevin Caron in Central Park while in New York for a show
Kevin in Central Park while in New York for a show

A show in P-town, a round-up of recent shows, science in the studio, and a developing video series all help conclude a fine spring….

Here’s what’s happening:





Let’s go ….



Participating in Provincetown show

Kevin’s sculpture Railwort is headed to Provincetown, Massachusetts, for the show “Appearances.”

Sponsored by the Provincetown Conservation Trust, the show is part of this historic town’s second annual Green Festival. Located at the tip of Cape Cod, P-town, as it’s often called, was incorporated in 1727.

Provincetown, Massachusetts
Provincetown, Massachusetts

“Provincetown has been an art town since before the days of [artist] Hans Hoffman,” Kevin says.

Railwort refers to both the railroads that helped develop the Cape and the marsh-loving plant glasswort that helps stabilize it today.

“This piece just came together beautifully for the show,” observes Kevin.

The outdoor sculpture portion of “Appearances” runs April 20 – June 2. For more information about the show, please visit the Events page.


‘Phoenix+’ and ‘The Eyes Have It’ shows spread the word

A visitor to the show in New York contemplates Cyclone, a fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron
A visitor to the show in New York contemplates Cyclone

The traffic was good and the comments intriguing on the homefront at Modified Arts’ “Phoenix+” show and in New York at “The Eyes Have It.”

The opening in New York was a lively event, with about 500 people coming through the gallery at 25 Central Park West. Musical artist Paul Simon was in attendance as were patrons of Kevin’s from Tucson, who happened to be in New York.

“I had many interesting comments about both sculptures,” says Kevin. Short and Sweet was shown at the Phoenix show, and Cyclone was exhibited in New York.

Thanks to everyone who attended the shows – Kevin appreciates your enthusiasm and support.



An unnamed free-standing fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron in process
The beginnings of a new sculpture

In addition to working on The Seed and Wherever You Go, There You Are (below), Kevin has started a new sculpture….

From CAD to creation, a new sculpture grows

Although not all of his sculptures begin as sketches, Kevin created his latest piece first in his CAD (computer aided design) program. “This sculpture is very architectural, so it’s well suited to computer rendering,” he says.

The sculpture contrasts spherical shapes with the straight lines of its connecting posts, which also echo the curve of the spheres. It is shown here without its base and before any patina has been applied.

“I’m fascinated by many aspects of science beyond geometry,” says Kevin

Watch this sculpture develop on its own page.


The kernel of The Seed, a site-specific public art sculpture by Kevin Caron in process
The ‘kernel’ of The Seed, standing

The Seed’s kernel sprouts

Literally Kevin’s biggest focus right now is the public art commission The Seed, which is being created for Chandler’s Tumbleweed Recreation Center.

With the “sluice” complete, Kevin is now putting the finishing touches on the “kernel,” which sits in front of the sluice.

“I’m very close to completing this sculpture,” Kevin says. “Once I have finished fabrication, it’ll head to the powder coater for its green finish. I’m looking forward to seeing it standing at Tumbleweed.”

Click here to see a rendering of the finished piece and watch the sculpture’s progress.


Wherever You Go progresses

Also also under way at the studio is Wherever You Go, There You Are, which has been accepted for a juried public exhibition at Pima Community College East Campus in Tucson, Arizona.

Wherever You Go, There You Are, a free-standing fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron in process
Sections of skin on Wherever You Go, There You Are

This nine-foot-tall sculpture is one in a series that includes Kevin’s well-received sculpture Torrent as well as other one-sided sculptures such as After Escher.

“This part of the process will take a while,” says Kevin. The sculpture will require more than 60 panels to cover the entire structure. “At this point, I have 10 tacked on,” he says.

Click here to see how the sculpture will look and watch its progress.


Channel Kevin - videos by Kevin Caron


Series dominates Channel Kevin

Kevin’s collection of videos, which primarily share his perspective on process, continues to grow. His channel is available on YouTube and his own site at ChannelKevin.com.

Since our last issue, Kevin’s series about creating a sculpture from start to finish has provided the bulk of subject matter. “I’ve been asked to do this a couple of times,” he says. “Now I know why it’s challenging to document a process like this.” Fortunately, viewers can begin watching any of the videos.

Currently he’s working on the time-consuming process of applying the skin to the videos’ subject, Wherever You Go, There You Are, so he’s begun again adding other videos until there’s something new to share in the series. Here are his new videos since our last newsletter:

You can see all of Kevin’s videos – which are organized into categories – in his Web site’s Video section, which links directly to his YouTube channel.



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