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MUSeINGS: News from Artist Kevin Caron


Artist Kevin Caron cutting the bottom of the 'sluice' for the Chandler Tumbleweed public art commission
Kevin cutting aluminum with pneumatic shears

Two February events in Phoenix and work on the public art commission for the city of Chandler, Arizona, are on Kevin’s front burner.

Here’s what’s happening:

Let’s go ….



‘Flower, Leaf & Rust’ opens February 3 in downtown Phoenix

Kevin’s work is being featured in a show in Phoenix February 3-31. It opens the week after next.

The show will also include the paintings of Annie Waters and charcoal drawings of Catherine Ruane. All three artists’ work has an organic foundation and feel.

Olney Gallery, Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix, Arizona
Olney Gallery in downtown Phoenix

The show will be held in the Olney Gallery in Trinity Cathedral, located in the heart of downtown Phoenix’s arts district. It runs February 3rd – 27th.

The first reception is February 3 (which coincides with Phoenix’s First Friday street fair) and the second is February 17 (during Phoenix’s Third Friday). Each gathering will be held from 6:00 – 9:30 p.m.

For more information, including a map, please visit the Events page on Kevin’s site.

If you’re in the Valley, we look forward to seeing you there.


Torrent in Phoenix Art Museum auction

On February 18, Kevin’s free-standing sculpture Torrent will be sold during the Contemporary Forum’s art auction at the Phoenix Art Museum. Kevin will be in attendance.

“We’ve had great interest in this sculpture,” Kevin observes. A one-sided three-dimentional sculpture made of steel with a rust patina, Torrent is one of a series of geometric illusions Kevin has created.

Contemporary Forum is a special interest group of the Phoenix Art Museum. Learn more about the auction at its Web site.



The Seed public art sculpture by Kevin Caron in process
The “sluice” of The Seed

Kevin’s current major focus in the studio is a public art commission for Chandler’s Tumbleweed Recreation Center.

The sculpture, which is titled The Seed, is made of aluminum. It will be placed in the multistory lobby of Chandler’s $12.6 million Tumbleweed Recreation Center. The center has an indoor running track, basketball courts, and a fitness center, among other amenities.

Thus far, Kevin has fabricated the top, front and bottom of the “sluice” – the main part of the sculpture – and is beginning work on the back.

“This section of the sculpture will be more than 15 feet tall,” Kevin says.

You can see a rendering of the finished piece and watch the sculpture’s progress.


aluminum sculpture by Kevin Caron in process
Short and Sweet, with much more grinding ahead

Kevin also continues to work on the kinetic sculpture inspired by Mobilus. “I’m building on what I learned with Mobilus for this sculpture,” he says.

This sculpture, which has now been titled Echo, has an inner, solid mobius strip, which spins. It will be shown for the first time at the show “Flower, Leaf & Rust” in February.

See it before its patina is applied.


Another sculpture coming into focus in the studio is Keep Your Words Short and Sweet In Case You Have to Eat them (above, left), the piece Kevin has been creating on the mill. “This is my masters thesis on the mill,” he says.

Kevin used the mill to, in essence, carve the sculpture out of a solid billet of aluminum. “I really have learned a lot in the process,” Kevin says.

With the rough work completed on the mill, now he is shaping the sculpture with a variety of grinding tools. See it progress on its own page.


Channel Kevin - videos by Kevin Caron


Longevity Equipment Generates Excitement

Not all equipment is created equal. Kevin has been trying out some new welders and a plasma cutter from Longevity, Inc., which makes welding and fabrication equipment. “I’m impressed with what I’ve tried thus far,” Kevin says.

The TIG welder and plasma cutter have been the subject of some of his latest videos, which you can watch on his Web site:

You can see all of Kevin’s videos – which have been enjoyed more than 1.6 million times – in his Web site’s Video section, which links directly to his YouTube channel.



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