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MUSeINGS: News from Artist Kevin Caron


Artist Kevin Caron cutting aluminum for a new public art commission
Kevin cutting aluminum for a new public art commission

A new project and an upcoming show occupy Kevin’s time. Here’s what’s happening:

Let’s go ….



The Seed, a public art sculpture for Chandler Tumbleweed Recreation Center by Kevin Caron
A rendering of The Seed

Kevin has been commissioned by the city of Chandler, Arizona, to create a new public art sculpture.

“I’m very honored to be selected to create this sculpture for the city of Chandler and its citizens,” says Kevin.

The sculpture, which is named The Seed, will be placed in the multistory lobby of Chandler’s $12.6 million Tumbleweed Recreation Center, which has an indoor running track, basketball courts, and a fitness center, among other amenities.

Kevin has begun the 14-foot tall sculpture, which will be made of aluminum.

“This will be a major project in the studio for a while,” he says.

Watch The Seed develop on its own page.



Kevin’s work will be featured in a show in Phoenix in February 2012. “It’s just around the corner,” he observes.

Olney Gallery, Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix, Arizona
Olney Gallery in downtown Phoenix

The show will also include the paintings of Annie Waters and charcoal drawings of Catherine Ruane, whose work, like Kevin’s, has an organic feel.

The show will be held in the Olney Gallery in Trinity Cathedral, located in the heart of downtown Phoenix’s arts district. It runs February 3rd ? 27th. The first reception is February 3 (which coincides with Phoenix’s First Friday street fair) and the second is February 17 (during Phoenix’s Third Friday). Each gathering will be held from 6:00 – 9:30 p.m.

If you’re in the Valley, please mark your calendar now for one of these receptions. We look forward to seeing you there.


The Seed public art sculpture by Kevin Caron
Two panels of The Seed held by cleco fasteners


Kevin’s current major focus in the studio is The Seed, the public art sculpture for Chandler’s Tumbleweed Recreation Center.

He is shaping and welding the front and back panels of the “sluice,” which is the main part of the sculpture.

“I’m moving along methodically,” Kevin says.

You can watch the sculpture’s progress on its own page.


Kevin also continues to work on the as-yet-untitled sculpture inspired by Mobilus. “I like to work on a couple of pieces at a time,” he says. “This helps me stay fresh, or get a break if I get stuck on one aspect of a sculpture. Then I can come back to it with fresh eyes.”

This particular sculpture has developed slowly. An inner, solid mobius strip, which spins, is now installed.

See it before its patina on its own page.


Channel Kevin - videos by Kevin Caron


YouTube Channel Gets a New Look

Channel Kevin has a new, cleaner look on YouTube. All of the videos are hosted at YouTube and enhanced at Kevin’s own site at http://www.channelkevin.com, where they are in categories and have transcripts.

Another 200 subscribers have joined the channel since our last newsletter, and more than a dozen of Kevin’s 170 videos have more than 10,000 views. “It’ll be interesting to see how people react to the new look,” Kevin says.

You can watch Kevin’s latest videos on his Web site:

You can see all of Kevin’s videos on his Web site’s Video section, which links directly to his YouTube channel.



As 2011 draws to a close ….


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