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MUSeINGS: News from Artist Kevin Caron


Saturday at Magic on Main provided more time for visiting and viewing
Saturday at Magic on Main provided more time for visiting and viewing

As the end of the year approaches, Kevin looks back on a good start to the fall and winter season.


Here’s what’s happening:

Let’s get started ….



Thanks to all of you who attended the LON’s Artist-in-Residence series on October 16 at the historic Hermosa Inn and the receptions for Magic on Main on October 20 and 22.

LON’s provided a perfect Sunday setting for displaying Kevin’s work. Visitors dined under the trees on the patio with live jazz wafting from The Last Drop lounge inside. “This is a really special spot,” Kevin says.

Sanctuary, a fine art sculpture by artist Kevin Caron
Sanctuary debuted at Magic on Main

Things got even more exciting the following Thursday. That’s when the opening of Pearson & Company’s Magic on Main show lit up Scottsdale’s Main Street to celebrate the firm’s 20 years in Old Town.

An estimated 600 people viewed Kevin’s sculptures while listening to Obadiah Parker’s sweet songs and admiring Azalea Decor’s unusual jewelry. They also got a chance to learn more about Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center‘s work. Ten percent of all sales during the event go to SARRC.

The following Saturday another 125 people attended. “Saturdays are usually a little quieter, but some people prefer coming when they can see the work better,” Kevin explains. “That also gives me a little more time to spend with people.”

The reception of his work was phenomenal. In addition to selling seven pieces, Kevin was pleased to hear peoples’ kind words. “A number of collectors came, as well as prominent members of the art community, and I was truly honored by their response,” he says.

Among those sculptures that debuted at the show were Rush, Cyclone, Devil’s Dreads, Reach and Sanctuary.


A fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron
Untitled cousin of Mobilus in process


With the two events behind him, things have returned to a more measured pace in the studio.

“I enjoyed the energy,” Kevin says, “but I also like to have more time to contemplate what I’m working on.”

One major focus right now is an untitled sculpture inspired by Mobilus, the piece stolen last month.

“I’m not creating the same sculpture,” Kevin explains, “but this one builds on what I learned with Mobilus and since then.”

In fact, this new sculpture is not kinetic, as Mobilus was. “It continues to evolve,” Kevin says. “Some pieces I see complete in my mind, but others, like this one, grow.”

Watch it develop on its own page.


Kevin also continues to work on a sculpture on the mill. This is not a computer-designed piece that is then output by a mill; he is operating the mill by hand to sculpt a block of aluminum.

“I’m still learning, so there aren’t any photos on the site yet,” he admits. “I hope that, once I release what I see in the block of aluminum, I hope that I’m’ happy enough with it to share.” Stay tuned ….


Channel Kevin - videos by Kevin Caron


More milestones at Channel Kevin

“It’s amazing to watch my YouTube video channel grow,” Kevin says.

His more than 1,700 subscribers contribute to the channel’s success, as does Kevin’s engagement with his viewers. Of his 167 videos, 10 have more than 20,000 views now. That’s noteworthy because, according to Pixibility, only 35 percent of YouTube videos get more than 1,000 views.

You can watch Kevin’s latest videos on his new Web site, where many of them have complete transcripts:

You can see all of Kevin’s videos on his Web site’s Video section, which links directly to his YouTube channel.



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