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MUSeINGS: News from Sculptor Kevin Caron


LON's at the Hermosa
LON’s at the Hermosa

Among other activities, October features two very different events you won’t want to miss, LON’s Artist-in-Residence luncheon and Magic on Main.

Here’s what’s happening:

Let’s get started ….



Luncheon at historic venue showcases Kevin and his work

Kevin is appearing at LON’s Artist-in-Residence series on Sunday, October 16. This intimate event takes place from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. on the patio of LON’s restaurant at the historic Hermosa Inn.

Kevin will display some of his newest work as well as discuss how he created it, all in the gracious setting of one of Phoenix’s hidden treasures. If you’ve never been to LON’s, this is a perfect opportunity to discover a Southwestern gem. If you have, you know why you want to come.

For more information about the event, please visit the Hermosa Inn Web site.


Be part of the magic at Scottsdale show

Your invitation to Magic on Main
Your invitation to Magic on Main

We also look forward to seeing you at Magic on Main, a celebration of Pearson & Company’s 20th year on Main Street in Scottsdale’s Gallery Row.

This will be a party! The show opens on Thursday, October 20, from 7 – 9 p.m., with a second opportunity to join the fun on Saturday, October 22, from 10 a.m. – noon.

In addition to introducing some of Kevin’s newest sculptures, musical guest and YouTube phenomenon Obadiah Parker will be performing Thursday night. The jewelry of Azealea Decor will also be featured.

The event benefits the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center, which advances research and provides a lifetime of support for individuals with autism and their families. There will also be art from SARRC participants as well as SARRC’s stepping stones, planters, bracelets, soup, coffee and granola.

For more information, contact us at info@kevincaron.com or 602-952-8767, or Cyndi Pearson at cyndi@pearsonandcompany.com or 602-840-6447. You can also learn more on the events page of Kevin’s site.


Mobilus, a kinetic fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron


On Saturday, October 1, Kevin discovered that someone had stolen the sculpture Mobilus from the front yard of his residence. “It was really a shock,” Kevin says.

Despite reporting the theft to the police, neighbors and online, the sculpture remains missing. It was slated to appear in the show Magic on Main.

“I’d hoped someone had picked it up as a joke, and we’d find it on top of a house or something,” Kevin adds.

If you have any information about the sculpture, please contact us at info@kevincaron.com or 602-952-8767.



Several sculptures to be introduced at LON’s and Magic on Main are near completion.

Among them are the flowing grid sculptures Rush, Cyclone, the formed steel sculpture Reach and the shaped sculpture Sanctuary.

Kevin will also be showing the recently named found materials sculpture Devil’s Dreads at Magic on Main.

“I’m introducing some new types of work at the show,” Kevin says. “I’m looking forward to seeing what people have to say about these new directions.”


Channel Kevin - videos by Kevin Caron


New series at Channel Kevin proves popular

Since our last newsletter, Channel Kevin has marked some milestones.

Kevin’s most popular video, TIG Welding Technique,” has now topped a half-million views and more than a dozen videos have more than 10,000 views. “I may not be as popular as Lady Gaga, but it’s really gratifying that so many people have found my videos worthwhile,” Kevin says.

Kevin has also started a new series, “Tools for the Studio,” based on a request from a longtime YouTube subscriber. “He wanted to know what tools I started out with,” Kevin explains. Three of his latest videos explore that question, and there will likely be another three to complete the series. “It is interesting to look back at why and when I got each piece of equipment.”

You can enjoy Kevin’s latest videos on his new Web site:

You can see all of Kevin’s videos on his Web site’s Video section, which links directly to his YouTube channel.



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