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MUSeINGS: News from Sculptor Kevin Caron
           April 2011


Sculptor Kevin Caron using his metal lathe
Kevin running his new metal lathe


The latest news and views:


Let’s get started ….



Martinis & Masterpieces helps connect art and business

Kevin was pleased to contribute to one of the cleverest fundraisers of the year. Martinis & Masterpieces is held annually to benefit the Arts & Business Council of Greater Phoenix. This year’s event was held Friday, April 8.

Staged at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, the event brought together a lively crowd of business professionals and community leaders with artists who have donated drawings or sketches – instead of the work itself – of their art. Kevin has donated a CAD drawing of one of his sculptures.

“I’m pleased to support this wonderful organization,” Kevin says. For more information about the Arts & Business Council of Greater Phoenix, which, like this event, helps connect business with the arts community, please visit its Web site.


Breakfast Salon Exhibit runs through today

There’s still time to catch the Breakfast Salon Exhibit, which runs through today, Tuesday, April 12. Kevin is showing his wall sculpture
as part of this group show.

See the work of 19 mid-career artists, some of whom have shown their work in museums and galleries on the East and West coasts. For a full list of participating artists, please visit “Show Confirms Artists Believe in Future”.

For more information, please visit the Events page.


Charmed, a fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron

New York Sensual Italy show is sensational

The March show in New York was a success on all fronts. From 279 entries, Kevin’s sculpture Charmed was one of 47 pieces selected for the juried show Sensual Italy.

About 700 people attended the show reception on Saturday, March 19 at the Broome Street Gallery in New York.
“People were spilling out onto the sidewalk,” Kevin reports.

Charmed sold that night to a Montclair, New Jersey, collector who originally saw the piece on Kevin’s Web site.”It was very gratifying,” says Kevin.



Another look at the torus

Kevin continues to explore the endless nature of one-sided, three-dimensional objects in his current focus in the studio.

“While Skeletorus twists 360 degrees, this torus, which will be sheathed, is 120,” Kevin explains. “I appreciate the simplicity and flow of this shape.”

Untitled torus, a fine art free-standing sculpture by Kevin Caron
Kevin is adding the “skin” panels individually

Creation of this piece is a painstaking process. Kevin fits and shapes each section of metal “skin,” then incorporates them into the flowing sculpture.

With this piece, Kevin continues his exploration of infinite geometric shapes, as he has done previously with After Escher, Mobilus and, most recently, Skeletorus.

“This sculpture is developing so organically,” Kevin says. “The form is only part of its fascination.”

See Kevin’s video about creating this piece as well as additional photos of this as-yet-untitled sculpture on its own page.


New horizons ahead

Sculptor Kevin Caron's mill
Kevin’s new mill

The latest additions to Kevin’s studio are two “new” pieces of equipment. “Well, they aren’t really new,” admits Kevin. “But they are definitely new to me.”

After looking for many months for an affordable used mill, Kevin finally found one, and its owner had a metal lathe he wanted to get rid of, too. The mill dates from the 1970s, while the lathe was apparently used in some branch of the service during World War II. “These machines were built to last,” Kevin explains.

These two pieces of equipment may well give Kevin’s work an entirely new dimension. The mill (right), which is sometimes called a milling machine, operates by rotating a cutting bit while the workpiece is placed against the cutter on a moveable table. The lathe (above in opening photo) rotates the workpiece while the machine shapes the metal symmetrically.

With the help of machinist and sculptor Chuck Girard, Kevin has the lathe up and running – as you can see in his latest video, and he has just gotten the mill installed. “And then I have to learn to use it,” he says. Kevin shares more about these two new tools in one of his newest videos, A Mill and a Lathe: New Challenges in the Studio.

Based on his approach to various other types of equipment including the slip roll, English wheel and power hammer, Kevin will not only learn to use them, he’ll find ways to use them in uniquely artistic ways.


Channel Kevin - videos by Kevin Caron


New videos, new activity at Channel Kevin

Kevin’s collection of videos – also known as Channel Kevin – continues to thrive.

His 138 videos have garnered more than 750,000 views, and his nearly 900 subscribers have helped create a wonderful community. “I enjoy sharing, and so do the viewers of my videos,” says Kevin, “Everyone comes out ahead.”

Since the last newsletter, Kevin has added videos about

  • Introduction to Using a Metal Lathe
  • “Painting” Steel With Wax and Patinas
  • Using a Propane Forge
  • A Mill and a Lathe: New Challenges in the Studio
  • Using a Brake to Bend Steel
  • Creating a Steel Torus
  • You can see all of Kevin’s videos on his Web site’s Video section, which links directly to
    his YouTube channel.



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