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MUSeINGS: News from Sculptor Kevin Caron

January 2011


Sculptor Kevin Caron working on a new sculpture
Kevin Caron working on a new sculpture


To kick off the new year, we share news about:


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The Only Way Out, a contemporary fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron
The Only Way Out

The Only Way Out
to Be Auctioned by Contemporary Forum

Kevin’s sculpture The Only Way Out is on the auction block to benefit Contemporary Forum, a special interest group of the Phoenix Art Museum.

This year’s auction, which is held in the museum, is Saturday evening, February 19.

“It’s an honor to support Contemporary Forum in this way,” says Kevin. “This organization not only helps the museum educate people about contemporary art, it also has fantastic events throughout the year. I’m glad to be a contributing member.”

For more information about Contemporary Forum, its auction and other activities, visit the Contemporary Forum Web site, email Lynn Spencer or call 480-419-2858.


New Wall Sculpture Debuts in Breakfast Salon Exhibit

Fall, a fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron
The wall sculpture Fall

Art is on the menu as Kevin joins 18 other artists in the Breakfast Salon Exhibit, Friday, March 4 through Wednesday, April 13. The show is being held at the Narthex Gallery at the Church of the Beatitudes. “This gallery is the best kept secret in Phoenix,” says Sarah Kriehn, a printmaker who is exhibiting at the show. For a full list of participating artists, please visit “Show Confirms Artists Believe in Future”. The show is free and open to the public.

In addition to Kriehn’s prints and Kevin’s sculpture, you also will see paintings, pastels and pen-and-ink drawings in the show. Kevin’s piece Fall is a departure for him. “This wall sculpture is more subtle than much of my work,” he says.

The show is an outgrowth of a group of artists who have met informally for breakfast for many years. Many of these mid-career artists have shown their work on the East and West coasts.

You are invited to the reception on Sunday, March 6 from 10 a.m. to noon. The artists will be present. For more information, contact us at info@kevincaron.com or 602-952-8767.

You are also invited to a pre-show potluck on Sunday, January 30 at the home of artist Ellen Wagener. Please contact us at info@kevincaron.com or 602-952-8767 for more information.


Charmed, a fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron


Charmed, I’m Sure

Kevin once again follows the flowing line of the never-ending road in his new sculpture Charmed.

Reminiscent of his larger outdoor sculpture Ciuffo, Charmed’s swirling faceted surfaces capture and reflect the light.

“I took a different approach to the patina on this piece,” Kevin says. Instead of a rust patina, Charmed’s surface was handpainted. “I wanted to create a piece, like Tiratana, that looks like it has secrets. I think the finish and the irregular surface helps convey that.”

See a larger photo of Charmed on its own page.


Deconstruction at Play

Sometimes Kevin’s work looks like play. “I try to have fun with many of my sculptures because I believe it helps other people enjoy them, too,” he says.

A fine art sculpture maquette by Kevin Caron
A maquette

Recently, that led to the creation of a maquette, a small preliminary model, created as a deconstructed square tube.

Once again, Kevin has taken an angular shape and transformed it into a flowing form.

Based on what he has learned with this small sculpture, he is now working on a large variation, as seen in this newsletter’s first photo.

“Coaxing the square shapes into fluid lines is exciting,” Kevin observes.



Kevin Graces The Wall Street Journal

Kevin on page 1 of the The Wall Street Journal? Yes. Really.



New Milestones for Channel Kevin

Since launching Channel Kevin two-and-a-half years ago, what started as a video diary of what was going on in the studio has blossomed into a worldwide community of subscribers.

Channel Kevin - videos by Kevin Caron

Kevin now has more than 650 subscribers to his channel at YouTube, which hosts the videos. His videos have been watched more than a half-million times, and his most popular one, “TIG Welding Technique,” has been viewed more than 200,000 times. “I really enjoy sharing some of the things I’ve learned in my work,” says Kevin.

Since his last newsletter, Kevin has added videos about using a Beverly shear and cutting circles with acetylene, shaping metal, using a drill press like a mill (with a special guest), and how to find the center of a circle.

His latest addition helps you find the center of anything. “It’s an old carpenter’s trick,” Kevin says. “And it’s really handy if you want to find the middle without doing math.”

You can see all of Kevin’s videos on his Web site’s Video section.



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