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MUSeINGS: News from Sculptor Kevin Caron

November – December 2010


Sculptor Kevin Caron welding a weathering steel sculpture
Kevin Caron welding his latest weathering steel sculpture

We wish you and yours the happiest of holidays right into the bright, shiny new year!


In this holiday issue, we share news about a December 4th show, the fine art sculpture Tiratana, progress on the weathering steel piece and the garden creature Spike, as well as Kevin’s latest videos.

Let’s get started ….


Chandler Celebration Marks Vision Gallery Re-opening

Bigger and more beautiful. That captures Vision Gallery‘s new location in Chandler’s elegant new city complex. The gallery’s reopening show, “Art Rising,” is also reason to celebrate, which is just what the city is doing Saturday, December 4 from noon to 4 p.m.

Vision Gallery, Chandler, Arizona
Vision Gallery

As one of the artists represented in Vision Gallery, Kevin will be in attendance inside the gallery, with sculptures including his new garden creature, Spike (see below). Outside, there will also be demonstrations from more than 50 other artists, live entertainment and art activities for kids.

You can also stick around for Chandler’s annual Tumbleweed Tree lighting and Parade of Lights. For more information, contact Vision Gallery at 480-782-2695 or vision.gallery@chandleraz.gov. Or just come by Chicago Street and Arizona Avenue in the heart of Chandler. We look forward to seeing you there.



Tiratana Rises

Tiratana, a fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron
Tiratana Rises

In February, Kevin began creating a sculpture of formed steel unlike others he has made. “Most of my pieces involve curving flat sheets to achieve a flowing form,” he says.

This time, he used the air hammer to shape the steel. “The air hammer stretches and shrinks the steel to create the shape,” Kevin explains.

The result is the sculpture Tiratana. Its distressed black patina gives this simple rising form the texture of an ancient treasure, appropriate for a sculpture named for a Buddhist emblem.

“I didn’t want to make something a machine could make,” Kevin says, “but rather something that has life.” See Tiratana on its own page.


Weathering Steel Piece Takes Turn

A considerably larger fine art sculpture has also captured Kevin’s attention over the past few months. As yet unnamed, it will eventually stand more than eight feet tall.

A weathering steel fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron
Kevin’s latest weathering steel sculpture

Made of weathering steel (best known by the brand name Cor-ten), the sculpture will take on the warm, rich rust patina created by this special steel, which is 10% copper.

Its flowing curves evoke Kevin’s time on the road as well ashis appreciation of the human form.

“I have had one particular person in mind when creating this piece, a long-distance runner, who also knows roads,” he said. “She hasn’t seen it yet, but I suspect when she does, its name will become apparent.”

To watch this sculpture’s progress, visit its page.



Getting Prickly

In contrast to his flowing monumental fine art sculptures, Kevin is also known for pieces that bristle with stainless steel spikes, such as Mohawk and Street Urchin. His latest is the standing sculpture Spike.

Detail of Spike, a garden sculpture by Kevin Caron
Spike, detail

At 4 feet tall, this particular piece highlights the contrast between its stainless steel spikes of various lengths and its apparently delicate “legs.” Atop are “peering” spheres, as shown in the detail.

“I love that, while Spike can stand tall and still, with a tap he can jiggle a bit,” Kevin admits. “I also like flicking the spikes to hear their tune.”

Spike will be introduced at “Art Rising” in Chandler, Arizona, on Saturday, December 4 (see above).

See all of Spike on his own page.



Channel Kevin Adds a New Classic

Since launching Channel Kevin two-and-a-half years ago, what started as a video diaryof what was going on in the studio has blossomed into a worldwide community of subscribers. Kevin now has 119 videos at YouTube, which hosts the videos.

Channel Kevin - videos by Kevin Caron

Since his last newsletter, Kevin has added another seven videos, including two about health and safety, and others about preparing metal for welding, holding your TIG torch properly, how to weld right angles, and an ingenious way to make your own welding rods.

His latest addition is a complement to “TIG Welding Technique,” which has now been viewed more than 178,000 times. His new video, MIG Welding Technique,” focuses on using a MIG welder. “MIG isn’t quite as complex as TIG,” Kevin says, “but when you’re just starting out, it’s great to have an overview like this.”

You can see all of Kevin’s videos on his Web site’s Video section.



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