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MUSeINGS: News from Sculptor Kevin Caron

September – October 2010


Sculptor Kevin Caron installing Still Rill
Kevin Caron installs the architectural sculpture Still Rill

In this issue, we zero in on the completion of the fine art sculptures The Only Way Out and Nucleus, the architectural sculpture Still Rill, and Kevin’s latest videos.

As usual, there’s more than meets the eye, so let’s get started ….

New in Fine Art

New in Home & Garden

New in Video




After 9 Months, The Only Way Out Emerges

The Only Way Out, a sculpture by Kevin Caron
The Only Way Out in the studio

Kevin seldom works on a single sculpture at a time. “I like having a couple of projects going at once,” he explains. “That way, if I hit a crossroads with one piece, I can work on another for a while.”

Last December, he started on a sculpture based on the classic form of a Klein bottle, a three-dimensional form with one side. This piece, in particular, required Kevin to pace himself. “It was a real mind bender to create,” he admits. At the end of this August, he completed the main structure of the sculpture he has named The Only Way Out.

“There are still some aspects of the piece I’m working out,” Kevin says, “but it’s exciting to be able to see something that has been in my mind for so long.” To see the most recent incarnation of The Only Way Out, visit its own page.


Nucleus, a sound sculpture by Kevin Caron
Nucleus, after sandblasting, with its bell nearby

Nucleus Addresses the Power of Sound

Kevin’s fascination with sound and form have found new life in the piece that is currently dominating his studio, the sound sculpture Nucleus.

At 106″ (just under 9 feet tall), its dominance is due in part to its sheer size, but also because of its dynamic form.

Kevin has created a number of sound sculptures in which the strong yet simple lines of their stands complement the mass of their bells.

In this piece, he uses intersecting curvilinear lines to create a substantial interior negative space.

“I wanted to make a sound sculpture in which the stand was on the outside, the bell on the inside,” he says.

Like his other monumental sound sculptures, a light breeze is all it takes to ring Nucleus’s bell, the tone of which is surprisingly light and sweet despite its size.

Now that Nucleus is back from the sandblaster, Kevin is making some minor adjustments.
Soon the sound sculpture is ready for its patina. You can watch its progress on its own page.



Still Rill Finds Its Rhythm

Much like the Wizard of Oz, Kevin is sometimes called upon to mask functional equipment with something beautiful. Such is the case with Still Rill, an architectural sculpture designed to hide pool equipment at a remodeled classic adobe home in Tucson.

Still Rill, an architectural sculpture by Kevin Caron
Rendering of Still Rill

Tucked between a wall and a cistern, which gathers rainwater for the home, the pool equipment is in a space that requires access for maintenance.

Kevin designed an architectural sculpture that swings open when needed, but that, when closed, adjoins a stationary section, creating a flowing stream of aged metal across the opening.

“Found materials such as this metal ‘curtain’ complement the organic feel of the adobe bricks of the house and yard walls,” Kevin says.

Installation of the piece will be completed in early October. You can watch its progress on its own page.



Channel Kevin Offers Practical and Fanciful Visuals

Since launching Channel Kevin two-and-a-half years ago, what started as a video diary of what was going on in the studio has blossomed into a worldwide community of subscribers.

Kevin has now posted 112 videos to YouTube, which hosts the videos. Along the way, Kevin discovered how much he enjoys sharing the techniques he uses to create his sculptures.

Channel Kevin - videos by Kevin Caron

In addition to responding to subscribers’ requests, Kevin’s videos provide insights to his often unusual approaches to his work. Recently he posted the video “Raising Nucleus”, which shows the ingenious way he raised this large and heavy sound sculpture.

Sometimes, though, he offers a simple tip that helps others interested in welding, such as his most recent addition, “Getting A Safe Welding Ground”.

In these, and the half-dozen other videos added since his last newsletter, viewers get a glimpse of Kevin’s unique view of the world. And that’s always entertaining.

You can see all of Kevin’s videos on his site in the Video section.



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