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MUSeINGS: News from Sculptor Kevin Caron

July – August 2010


Sculptor Kevin Caron walks in his new door
Kevin Caron walks in his new door

In this issue, you’ll get the latest on the sound sculpture Arabesque and the water feature Duality, learn about a studio milestone, and find a way to cut (pretty much) anything.

There’s something for everyone in this issue, so go ahead and dig in …

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Something Special Just for You




In the Studio: Arabesque Finds Her Range, A New Fountain Takes Shape

Arabesque, a sound sculpture by Kevin Caron
Arabesque, at home

With the sculptural door Cruisin’ now installed in Flagstaff, Arizona (see for yourself in Cruisin’s photo gallery), Kevin has turned his attention to two other commissions that appeal to the senses….

Arabesque, an 8-foot-tall sound sculpture with three bells, is now installed in the yard of a home near South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. “I’m really pleased with this piece,” Kevin says. Despite the size of the bells, Arabesque’s sound is low yet not loud.

To see – and hear – Arabesque, visit this sound sculpture’s page as well as her photo gallery.

After seeing the water feature Dripping Springs at the Fairmont Scottsdale resort, a North Carolina couple commissioned Kevin to create a fountain for their home.

The interaction began with a simple message sent through the contact form on Kevin’s site. “Then they sent a photo of their front entry and we chatted,” Kevin says. Next, he created some designs and inserted them into the photograph they had sent. “We put the designs in a private area for them on the Web site, and they chose their favorite.”

Duality, a water feature by Kevin Caron
Duality, during testing at the studio

Based on their choice, Kevin then put together an agreement that spelled out what he was creating, when it would be ready, what it would cost, and other details. “It’s important that patrons feel comfortable about the process, especially when they live far away,” Kevin observes.

The result is Duality, which you can see on Duality‘s own page. Or watch her take shape – as her owners did, during the process of creation – in the “Creating Duality Photo Gallery.”

For more information about commissions, please visit the Commissions page.


Studio Reaches Milestone

In 2006, Kevin purchased a 59-year-old central Phoenix auto repair shop, which he immediately began converting into his studio – while he created sculpture. He also began renovating the space. He replaced electrical wiring and plumbing, expanded the tool room, remodeled the office, and relocated the work sink.

Sculptor Kevin Caron's studio
The east face of the studio

Perhaps most important is Kevin’s efforts to enclose the large workspace. “I thought having shade would be enough,” Kevin says. It became clear, though, that being able to better control the temperature and airflow would be an important improvement to allow him to create larger and more sophisticated sculptures. Accordingly, Kevin has, slowly but surely, added doors and walls.

Nearly four years to the day since he purchased the property, Kevin enclosed the last section of the work area. “It’s a great feeling,” Kevin acknowledges.

There is still plenty to do, however. Kevin continues to work on controlling the temperature. “I doubt I’ll ever have air conditioning in this space,” he admits. His next improvement is adding insulation to mitigate the summer heat and winter chill. Says Kevin: “It’s a work in progress.”

To see more of Kevin’s studio, just contact us for a personal tour, or click here to enjoy a virtual visit in the Studio Photo Gallery.


In Video: Finessing a Sculpture

Creating a sculpture is seldom a linear process. In his latest video, “Finessing a Sculpture,” Kevin talks about the painstaking work on his sculptural Klein bottle. View it in the Video section of Kevin’s site.




So often, people see something in Kevin’s arsenal and say – well, you know. “What’s That?” focuses on a subject that is dear to many people’s hearts: tools….

Just Cut It

By now, you probably know that Kevin has many tools for specific uses. This issue, we focus on a tool that can cut almost anything.

A Sawzall
A Sawzall

Popularly known as a Sawzall (the name is a trademark of the Milwaukee Tool Company, but it is often used generically), a reciprocating saw cuts on both the in and out strokes. It has a slender blade that is open on one end, letting you slip it into difficult spots.

For example, Kevin recently took his Sawzall along during the installation of the sound sculpture Arabesque to slice off the top of the bolts that hold her to the foundation. He’s also used it to reach into the intricate frame of the Klein bottle to remove small sections to accommodate new cross pieces.

The Sawzall is also good for mundane tasks such as cutting up scrap wood. “It’s just an all-around handy tool,” Kevin says. His version requires an extension cord, but you also can get cordless versions that can be used more easily out in the field. “If I could only have a handful of tools on the proverbial desert island,” says Kevin, “this would be one of them -providing the island had electricity.”

To find out more about the various types of reciprocating saws, visit Wikipedia or Google’s search results for that term.


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