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MUSeINGS: News from Sculptor Kevin Caron

May – June 2010


Sculptor Kevin Caron working on the window for Cruisin', a sculptural door
Wood?! Kevin creating the window template for Cruisin’, a sculptural door

In this issue, you’ll get the latest on some new commissions,
two revealing online interviews with Kevin, and getting on the level the easy way.

There’s something for everyone in this issue, so go ahead, dig in!

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Something Special Just for You



In the Studio: Busy With Commissions

Apparently, more people are thinking about beauty in their lives lately – Kevin’s been particularly busy in the studio with three commissions.

Occupying the lift table these days is the sound sculpture Arabesque. Her 8-foot-tall stand, three bells and intricate design have challenged Kevin as he creates his largest sound sculpture yet. The piece is finally up on her feet – all three of them – and balancing beautifully. “I think she could actually stand on her tiny base plate, which will be bolted down eventually,” says Kevin. Finish work, sandblasting and applying the patina still lie ahead, but it’s nice to see her standing. See Arabesque on her own page as well as more pictures of her creation in her photo gallery.

Arabesque, a sound sculpture by Kevin Caron
Arabesque, on her (three) feet

Kevin recently had fun creating another functional piece, the fireplace sculpture Igneous. Like its older cousin Venezia, gas fireplace sculptures like Igneous provide a practical solution for people who love fires but are reluctant to burn wood because of its environmental impact. These fire sculptures provide mesmerizing visual interest as well as better reflecting heat into a room. “You can use fake logs, but why not celebrate the use of gas?” Kevin asks.

The sculptural door Cruisin’ is finally ready for its installation at a Flagstaff, Arizona, home. “This has been a very complex project,” Kevin admits. “There are a lot of facets – the frame, the screen, the ‘highways, byways and bicycles,’ the ‘puppy protection panel’ and the operating window, but I think they’ve all come together beautifully.” After installation, we’ll share more photos of the piece in its own photo gallery.


In the News: Kevin Shines on Art Sites

The lovely folks at Meylah.com focused their spotlight on Kevin for their Getting Scene feature in May. “They probed into some areas that I hadn’t been asked about before,” Kevin says. Meylah‘s goal is to bring people around the world closer through creativity. It features information that helps creative people of all types, such as probing into the success of Kevin’s YouTube channel. To read the interview, click here.

Kevin was also interviewed for Daryle Dickens’ Art Palaver, which helps artists navigate successfully through the art world. Kevin and Daryle covered some new ground, too, talking about how Kevin wants others to see his work. Listen to the podcast online by clicking here.


Spring Has Sprung

Thanks to you all for coming out to the four events Kevin participated in this spring. The Arts & Business Council of Greater Phoenix‘s Masterpieces and Martinis, the opening reception at the Vision Gallery in Chandler, Arizona, and the AZCulture.com event, and finally, Mary’s talk about art marketing for Art League West were all reminders of how important community is. Thanks for being part of it!


In Video: Working With Metal: The Right Way to Grind

Working With Metal: The Right Way to Grind

Kevin is always discovering nuances in his work. In his latest video, “Working With Metal: The Right Way to Grind,” Kevin shares what he has learned while grinding – he grinds a lot to give many of his pieces the illusion of being made of solid chunks of steel.

Subscriber CBaughman observed, “That has got to be one of the most informative, simple know how vid[eo]s I think you have posted. One of those things that I’m sure is CONSTANTLY overlooked, but something to touch up on every now and then.”

Baughman is one of the more than 300 subscribers who are part of Kevin’s YouTube community. Kevin now has more than 95 videos on “Channel Kevin” that have been viewed nearly a quarter-million times. The videos, which focus on his work in and out of the studio, can also be accessed right from Kevin’s site in the Videos section.



So often, people see something in Kevin’s arsenal and say – well, you know. “What’s That?” focuses on a subject that is dear to many people’s hearts: tools….

Getting a Line on It

As you may seen in his videos, Kevin is a master at finding simple ways to address tricky challenges. Sometimes he finds creative ways to achieve a goal, and sometimes he has just the perfect tool for the job.

For the sound sculpture Arabesque, Kevin is hanging three bells from three different levels, yet wanted to have them all terminate at the same height, making each bell a different size. Finally, he had a reason to get a tool he’s been wanting: a laser level.

A Strait-Line laser level
A Strait-Line laser level

Fortunately, the price on these wonderful tools has come down quite a bit. Laser levels used to cost more than $100, but Kevin found a Strait-Line level at Home Depot for just $14.99 that did the job perfectly.

Despite its modest price, this level has a 360 degree rotation and pivot with dual bubble vials to facilitate readability on both horizontal and vertical axes. It projects 15 feet with accuracy of about 3/16 of an inch. That’s more than adequate to help him “shoot” from the longest bell to the other two to find where he needs to cut them to make their bottoms level with each other.

“Don’t you just love technology?” Kevin asks with a grin.

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