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September – October 2008


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In this issue we invite you to three shows, give you a sneak peek at the piece for Chandler’s new recreation center, and fill you in on something that will help you put the screws on, well, almost anything- read on!

Kevin Caron's Kid at Heart show


Join us at Pearson & Company, October 16 & 18

It’s a Play Date – Join Us for ‘Kid at Heart’ on October 16 and 18

He may look serious, but Kevin is really just a big kid. “Guilty as charged,” he admits. The playfulness is apparent in many of the new pieces that he’ll be exhibiting at his upcoming one-man show “Kid at Heart.” It opens October 16 at Pearson & Company in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s free to attend – we look forward to seeing you there!

Kevin won’t be the only kid in the house, though. Homeless youths from the nonprofit organization Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development, the show’s charitable recipient, will be showing some of their own work as well as sharing more about how Tumbleweed is helping them.

“Events like these help raise the community consciousness that homeless youth are really amazing young people, just needing that opportunity to show others who they can be,” says Richard Geasland, executive director of Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development. Ten percent of show sales go to the nonprofit organization.

The show opening is Thursday, Oct. 16 from 7-9 p.m., during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk. Kevin and representatives from Tumbleweed, which touches the lives of more than 3,000 neglected youth annually, will also be appearing on Saturday, October 18 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Kevin will be showing new pieces including Wild Swiss, a totally new sort of sound feature called C-Note, and the eagerly anticipated sculpture Loaded. See some photos of the latter two pieces in Kevin’s site’s In the Works section.

Pearson & Company is located at 7022 E. Main Street in downtown Scottsdale. For more information about the show, including a map of public parking in Scottsdale, contact us by email, call 602-952-8767, or visit Kevin’s Media page.


‘Life’ Show in Chandler Runs Through Oct. 26

On the east side of the Phoenix metro area, Art on Boston Gallery continues its “Life” show, in which Kevin has quite a few pieces.

Art on Boston Gallery, Chandler, Arizona

“Art on Boston is such a great space, with its high ceilings, and all the artist energy with the in-house studios, I’m pleased to show there,” Kevin says. For more information about the “Life” show, which also features the work of watercolorist Vikki Reed, photographer George Lenz, fine jeweler Cindy Conners and 18 other in-studio and coop artists, visit Art on Boston’s site at or call 480-917-1112 for hours and special events.


Pasadena Here He Comes – ‘Art From The Ashes’ show opens November 1

Kevin Caron working on Ascension, a piece for the Art From the Ashes show
Kevin Caron working on his piece for the Art From the Ashes show

In addition to “Kid at Heart,” Kevin is participating in an exciting show in Pasadena, California, November 1-15 called “Art From the Ashes.” Its mission is to bring something positive out of the wildfires that have plagued California. You can learn more about the wonderful program sponsoring the show, Art From The Ashes, at its site.

Using materials salvaged from a fire that destroyed a warehouse of Cisco Brothers, a California furniture company, 20 artists from throughout the United States are creating works of art that will be auctioned off for the benefit of the nonprofit group META (“Making Education the Answer”).

“This is a great project from so many perspectives,” Kevin says, “and especially for a Phoenix artist who works with fire.” To see a video of Kevin working on his sculpture for the show, click here.

You can also get another peek at Ascension, his piece for the show, on the In the Works page, and learn more about the show – including details about the November 1 opening, which Kevin will be attending – on the Media page. Or contact Art From The Ashes directly at or 323-596-8874. We’d love to see you there!


Chandler Selects Design for Tumbleweed Recreation Center

After considering three of Kevin’s designs for the inside entrance of the Tumbleweed Recreation Center, the Chandler Arts Commission has officially selected its choice.

The Seed, a sculpture for the Chandler Tumbleweed Recreation Center by Kevin Caron
The Seed, a sculpture for the Chandler Tumbleweed Recreation Center

According to the committee, which selected the design, the Tumbleweed staff loved The Seed, an elegant design inspired by the history and development of Chandler. “Without water, Chandler would never have become an agricultural center, nor the city it is in 2008,” Kevin observes. The sculpture was inspired by the canals that brought precious water to Chandler and the alfalfa that accounted for its early success as an agricultural center. Today, Chandler is home to a quarter million people.

The Seed will be 14 feet tall and sit just inside the entrance of the new $12.6 million recreation center (which is in no way connected with the Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development, although it is a nice coincidence).

“I very much appreciate the vision and enthusiasm of the Chandler Arts Commission and the Tumbleweed Recreation Center staff,” Kevin says. Following approval of the city council, which is expected this month, Kevin will begin constructing the piece.


Chiming In Online

This week's episode of Channel Kevin
Did you get your Channel Kevin this week?

Every week, we post another episode of Channel Kevin on YouTube so you can see what Kevin is up to.

It’s easy to keep up – you can even subscribe so you’ll know whenever there’s a new video. “This is a fun way to connect with people,” says Kevin.

The latest episode shares Kevin’s ingenious design for a new kind of sound feature. The video shows the striker design Kevin dreamed up for C-note, his striking new piece, which will be introduced at the “Kid at Heart” show in Scottsdale October 16.



So often, people
see something in Kevin’s arsenal and say – well, you know.
“What’s That?” focuses on a subject that is dear to many
peoples’ hearts: tools…

Screw it

Have you ever wondered how screws and nuts are made? Or what you can do if you strip or damage a screw’s threads? The answer is perhaps easier than you thought. You simply use what is called a tap and die set.

A Westward tap and die set
A 39-piece Westward tap and die set

These sets allow you to create threads on the outside of one piece and matching channels on another so that they can be screwed together. For example, Kevin has used taps and dies to put threads onto a solid rod, then drilled a hole and put threads into a base so the two pieces can be taken apart and put back together, making them easier to transport.

You also can use a tap and die to fix a stripped bolt by just making the thread a size smaller. And youcan also use them to repair a damaged screw, where one or two threads have been “grrrred up,” as Kevin would say, by running it through a die.

So far this sounds easy. And the actual work is – you turn handheld tools to create the new patterns. You use a tap to cut the female side (for example, a nut), and a die to cut the male side (for example, a bolt).

Where it gets tricky is all the different pitches and sizes, which is where the many different sets come in. For example, Grainger, where Kevin buys many of his tools, has more than 50 different sets available!

But if you want to screw two pieces together, there’s nothing quite like a tap and die set.

If you’d like to learn more about tap and die sets, click here. This article will really help you get into your work.

If you’d like to
know more about a specific tool, let us know – we might have
an answer. Email us at



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