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March – April 2008


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Making maquettes, creating Calyx, studio improvements, introducing video and magical sparks are all part of this issue.

Rendering of Calyx
Rendering of Calyx

On the Boards

With the fountain RainHarp and the kinetic sculpture Isadora both at the powder coater, Kevin is focusing on the new piece Calyx as well as designs for the city of Chandler’s $12.6 million Tumbleweed Recreation Center. “I’m looking forward to sharing some designs with the Chandler Arts Commission,” Kevin says.

To give committee members an even better feel for his proposals, Kevin also has made a maquette, or scale model of the work. “Maquettes allow people to see pieces from every angle,” he explains. For now, the designs are under wraps until after the committee meets.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the scale, Kevin has begun on Calyx, which will be 7 feet tall. “This is a design I’ve been thinking about for a while,” Kevin says. It will also be the largest piece Kevin has yet made in stainless steel. Keep an eye on the In the Works page for progress on Calyx.

If walls could talk ...
“If walls could talk …”

That’s not all that’s going on in the studio, though. Some long-planned improvements have started taking shape in the form of a wall and door on one side of Kevin’s work area. They help divert wind that likes to blow through the work space. The photo shows the wall and the sliding door, closed.

“I appreciate the fresh air,” Kevin says, “but when the breeze comes whipping through the studio, it can be really hard to weld. Sometimes it is interesting, though, to come in on Monday morning and see what the wind has brought us over the weekend.” Eventually, the entire work area will be enclosed with a series of walls and large sliding doors.

In Pictures …

Channel Kevin debuts
Channel Kevin debuts

In addition to the many stills of Kevin’s work on his site, you can now see Kevin in action by watching Channel Kevin on YouTube.

Like his email newsletter, the video clips are short – a minute and a half at most – yet they give you a chance to see Kevin at work and hear him talk about what he’s doing. The latest episode even shows him welding. “I loved the videos,” says Elizabeth Murfee, of Washington, DC. “It’s almost like having a quick visit with you.”

It’s easy to keep up – you can subscribe so you’ll know whenever there’s a new video. “This is a fun way to connect with people,” says Kevin.

Channel Kevin episodes are also available on Kevin’s Web site on the News page – just click here to see the first two episodes.


So often, people
see something in Kevin’s arsenal and say – well, you know.
“What’s That?” focuses on a subject that is dear to many
peoples’ hearts: tools.

Spitting Sparks

When working with welders, you usually want to keep the sparks under control. One exception, however, is when you need to light an oxygen-acetylene torch.

The Lightnin' Bug: A piezo torch lighter
The Lightnin’ Bug: A piezo torch lighter

Most people use a simple flint sparker, which strikes a small flint across a cross-hatched, file-like surface.

In contrast, a piezo lighter, which like the flint sparker requires no outside power, lets you push a button that activates a small, spring-loaded hammer that then hits a quartz crystal. That creates an electrical discharge that looks like a tiny lightning bolt, which then ignites the gas.

The flints in the regular sparkers must be replaced often, but the piezo lighters can be used as many as 30,000 times. Now that’s a durable tool!

To learn more about the Lightnin’ Bug, click here.

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