How do you know when you’ve arrived? Having a tremendous portal through which to walk can help you know.

Or, if you prefer, use the leather-sheathed striker to announce yourself by firmly striking either of its two different bells. There’s no need to strike hard, as each bell responds with its own distinctive tone, and carries the sound for the long run.

Twining up and over the 10-foot tall, 11-foot wide fir wood portal are copper vines bearing patinaed copper leaves, many struck with the names of loved ones by the organizer of this tremendous gift, Rhonda Hoffman, making this sculpture personal and unique.

The photo shows Vignette in a temporary position, until she can be put in her chosen place, at the entrance of a garden especially and only for her owner. When that happens, the steel base plate seen in this photo – which secures the portal – will be buried.



This piece has sold. Kevin would be glad to create something for you in the same spirit. Please contact us, or select from currently available sculptures.

Leah Hoffman
Paradise Valley, Arizona

steel, copper, wood
132″ x 120″ x 12″
created 2007

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