In the family of critters inspired by the caterpillars that decimate the artist’s pepper plant, Harry and his friends are on the diminutive side (get a gander at Gordo for some size).

Harry has his own distinctive look, though. Think “bug mohawk.” So even at 10 x 5 x 26 inches, he holds his own, prepared to make a spectacle himself in any garden.

Larry, (same size as Harry) may be one of the smaller caterpillars, but he’s still a lovable lug. As you can see, he likes to traverse garden walls, or even sit among the plants, happy in his element.

Fideaux looks so much like a pup (and at 17 x 15.5 x 12 inches, he’s about the same size) you almost want to give him a bone. We didn’t have time, though, before a nice lady from Oregon snatched him up and took him home. So much for “sit” and “stay” …

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Various private collections, steel, 17″ x 15″ x 26″, 2005

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